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Okay, so my friends had been doing this Fire Embleme AU roleplay as of late, and I keep thinking what kind of Support Conversations they'd had against one another...So I Shall share a few Supports in the Fire Emblem Style with all of you! Hope you guys Enjoy em:

Akimoto and Scarlet:

Scarlet: Hey! Dad! You got a moment?
Akimoto: Yeah, I'm not really busy...what's up?
Scarlet: Can I See your Sword?
Akimoto: ...*Blink*...Why?
Scarlet: I Just want to see something! I'll give it right back!
Akimoto: Alright, Alright...*Unsheathes Blade* Here you go...Be Gentle with it, I just had it Sharpened!
Scarlet: *!*...*Blink*...Huh...That's weird...This isn't at all the Sword you had back in my time...
Akimoto: It's not?
Scarlet: No! Back in my time, you had this Super Badass Sword that could Cut through anything! What was it called? Missile...Two? No, that wasn't it...
Akimoto: *!* Woah, Woah, Woah! You mean MYSTLETAINN?! THE Mystletainn? THE DEMON SWORD?!
Scarlet: Yeah! I think...Or was it...Balmung? No, No, No...Er, sorry Dad! Can't really remember! I Was very little when you had it!
Akimoto: Hey, if I get an awesome Sword in the Future, that's enough for me! Don't wanna spoil it and Ruin time, now do we?
Scarlet: *!* Er! Oh! Right! Crap! I hope I Didn't alter the Future just by TELLING you that...J-Just forget I told you anything! REMOVE IT FROM YOUR BRAIN, DAD!
Akimoto: Don't worry, Sweetheart! I'll probably forget about it by Dinner...
Scarlet: Okay, good!...Oh, dammit! Now I'm trying to think which one it was...I'll give it some more thought! *Walks away*
Akimoto: ...Well Crap! Now I'M Curious which Blade I get in the Future...
*Scarlet and Akimoto have Reached Support Level C !*

Fiona and Pandora:
Pandora: Mother! A Question, if I may...
Fiona: Oh! Of Course, Honey! What is it?
Pandora: I was wondering...Perhaps, you and I could...You know...Go spend time together in the Town? You know, whatever it is Mothers and Daughters Do!
Fiona: *!* O-oh! You mean a Shopping Day?! That's sounds great, Pandora! We'll have some Much Fun!
Pandora: Excellent! Maybe we can buy fancy new Clothing We'll never wear! Or Jewelry! Perhaps some Forbidden Tomes and Dark Magic artifacts!
Fiona: Yeah! Yeah! That's exactly What I was thinki-...wait...What were those last two?!
Pandora: Umm...Magic Tomes and Old Trinkets?
Fiona: Pandora! Dark Magic is Dangerous! I know you study it, but it can be very harmful if you're not Careful, Sweety!  I know your father's told you this a thousand times, I'm sure...But you REALLY need to be Careful!
Pandora: I Know, I Know, Father's always made it clear...But if I can somehow find a way it can be an Asset to our Cause, and Maybe Even alter our future...I...I Might know how to properly spend time with my Mother!
Fiona: *!* Oooh, Honey! I-I'm so sorry!  I had no idea you've had such a hard time...
Pandora: Mother...
Fiona: You know what? Don't you worry about a Thing! Momma's gonna take you into town, and we're going to have some Quality Mother-Daughter Time! C'mon! I know this great store with these Outright Gorgeous Dresses!
Pandora: Oh! Isn't that across the Street from a Curiosity shop?!
Fiona: Pandora!
Pandora: Gah! S-Sorry! I'll try and Resist...
*Pandora and Fiona have Reached Support Level C !*

Taven and Vayle:
Taven: Mother!
Vayle: Yes, Taven? What is it?
Taven: I'm sorry to bother you...But I have some Designs you might be interested in...
Vayle: Designs? You mean like Military Formations or Weaponry?
Taven: Um...No, Actually...I'm a little embarrassed to say, but...they're actually Designs or Clothing!
Vayle: Clothing Designs...For what, exactly?!
Taven: You Know! Dresses, Ball Gowns, Tuxedos...Formal Wear in General!
Vayle: Is that so? In that Case, I Would love to see them!
Taven: Really? That's Great! They're probably not much, you go!
Vayle: ...*!* Wow...My...My Goodness, Taven! These Designs are absolutely Beautiful! Oh, You even have the Detail on the Hems...These are Just Stunning! I never thought you had a talent with clothing...
Taven: *Red Face* W-well, I'm just nervous about showing them to others...I know Tactics and Strategy are my Strong-suits...but I can't help it! I always end up with Designs for Masquerade Balls flying through my head while trying to come up with a Surprise attack! I sometimes Embarrass myself in front the troops as a results...But I've Always had a bit of Creativity when it comes to fashion...I've watched you with your Tailoring Skills...I Guess it kinda grew on me!
Vayle: Well, these are all simply beautiful, my Son! Maybe when the War has Ended, and this business is behind us, I may try and make a few of these...
Taven: W-Wow! Really? They're that good, huh?
Vayle: Well, there are few little details that seem off with the General look of a few of them, but I think I may have a few ideas that may spice them up and make them Stand out! I'd love to see more of these when you have them, Taven! I am Intrigued! Though...Try not to allow it to get in the way of your Strategic Knowledge...I'd Hate to see Prince Tauntus Running out into the Battlefield in a Princess Dress modeled after a Dragon's Breath! As Fabulous as it might be! Hahahaha!
Taven: O-of course, Mother! I'll do my Best...But...Now that you mention it...a Dress modeled after fire...Wooow, imagine a dress like That! *Rushes out of the tent*
Vayle: Ahahaha...oh Dear...We might have some...alterations in Uniform in the Coming Skirmishes...
*Taven and Vayle have Reached Support Level C !*

Bellator and Archimedes:
Archimedes: Aaaahaha...Sweet Nectar...I'm so glad I picked you up in the last town...
Bellator: What the Hell are you Drinking?!
Archimedes: *!!!* AAAAH! *Hides Bottle* G-General Bellator! I-I...It's nothing...Just checking our Rations!
Bellator: But what's Behind your Back?
Archimedes: NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL! Mein Gott, Can't a man keep his Hands behind his back without being accused of Hiding something?
Bellator: Archimedes, I may be Old, But I'm not STUPID! GIMME THAT! *Takes the Bottle from him!
Archimedes: H-HEY!
Bellator: *!* What the Hell? Is this...Is this Wyrmfire Ale?!
Archimedes: N-No! Of Course not! It's, uuuh...ELIXIR!
Bellator: Last I Checked, Elixir didn't come in a Bright Red Bottle and had a Dragon Breathing Fire for Spout...Have you Been Smuggling wine into camp?!
Archimedes: ...Yes! I have! Okay?! I'm sorry, but the Wine we have in camp is so Bland and Cheap! Nothing compared to the Vintage Bottles you find across the Land! 
Bellator: No Wonder we've had small Decreases in Funds...WHAT IN GOD DAMN WERE YOU THINKING BRING WINE INTO CAMP?!
Archimedes: P-Please,, General! Have Mercy! I just wanted a Taste of some HONEST TO GOD WINE! Not that Crap Vitaria Calls "Vintage Rum"...I Just wanted a Taste something that Didn't tas-!!!
Bellator: And not SHARING IT WITH ME, for that matter! *Takes a Swig!*
Archimedes: *!*...What?
Bellator: If there's one thing I love more then Anything, It's Finely brewed Alcohol! You shoulda came to me the Minute you started Smuggling it!
Archimedes: ...You're...You're not mad?
Bellator: Course I Ain't mad! Hell, I Agree with you! That Vitarian Rum Tastes like Wolf-Piss mixed with Blueberries! I was getting sick of drinking that all the time, But a Warrior's gotta make due with what they have...But THIS! Now THIS is wine!
Archimedes: I know! And that Cykroshian Red-Wine?...Mein GOTT! May as well be Drinking Spoiled Fish and Rotten Apples!
Bellator: Tell you what, Archimedes! You keep bringing the Good stuff in and Sharing a round or two, and Your little Secret's safe with me!
Archimedes: Yes! Yes! of course, General! That sounds GREAT! In Fact, I hear the Next town over has some Vintage wine that's to DIE FOR...
Bellator: Hot Damn! That sounds pretty amazing!
*Bellator and Archimedes have Reached Support Level C !*

Serua and Scarlet:
Serua: ...
Scarlet: ...What's with that Look, Serua? You act like you don't trust me or something...
Serua: Sorry, Scarlet...It's just going to take me a bit to adjust to us on the same side...
Scarlet: ...Because of my Persecutions, right?
Serua: everywhere I Went, your Men always attempted to Persue me! They'd Try and Kill me, capture me, Burn me Alive...If not, you yourself chasing me!
Scarlet: I Had no choice, alright? I was given orders from the Emperor! I'm a Soldier! It's my Job!
Serua: Scarlet...You DID have a just CHOSE to try and kill me!
Scarlet: "A Soldier must obey any and all orders given...even if they have objections, they must keep them to His/Her Self"...That's a Prime Rule in the Vitarian Fleet...I had to prove my loyalty to the Emperor, even if I didn't like the orders I was given...ESPECIALLY when he made me First-lord of the Vitarian Elite-Unit...
Serua: If that's the case...when you were given the orders to Persue and Kill me...did...did you have Objections you had to keep to yourself?
Scarlet: ...More then you know...
Serua: *!*...R...Really?
Scarlet: My Father always told me of the Days he fought alongside the Princes, and the Strong alliance Vitaria and Cykrosh once had...but once the Declaration of war was made by the Emperor against the Queen...I knew It was in the Past...And I Simply had to lead my troops and carry out any orders we were Given...No matter how much I hated them...I even had to make a few Slandering Speeches just to keep there spirits up...
Serua: What stopped you from Objecting?
Scarlet: ...I'm just going to say Cykrosh wasn't the Only one with distrust amongst its people...when the New Emperor came into power...everything changed...*looks down at the Floor*...Grrr...*Shakes head, Standing up* I'm gonna go Patrol the Camp! Talking about that kinda crap always brings me down...*Walks out of the Tent!*
Serua: ...Scarlet...
*Scarlet and Serua have Reached Support Level C !*

And that's all I Got at the Moment, Maybe when I Think of more, I'll post em! But now, I Hope you enjoyed the Ones I got so far!

That is all!
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