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Dear Player,
                 May I take a Moment to say thank you very Much for Purchasing Chronicles of the Spellsword! It's been in the Making for Many years, and we've run into plenty of rough patches along the way, but I am Glad to finally have it completed and Ready to be Played by Gamers like you. My father first Began this Project just Before I was Born, And since then, We have only Expanded its already vast world to make the Experience all the More Enjoyable. What is Seraphia, you may Ask? To Put it simply, Seraphia is YOUR world! This is a Land where you can make a Name for yourself, make Powerful Allies, engage in Battle with Legendary Monsters, and Make your Chapter within the Land's History. Whether you Become a Hero, a Renegade, or anything in Between, that is all up to you to decide. So, what are you waiting for? Jump right in! See what awaits you and millions of other players in the World of Seraphia!
                -James Elliot Kyros, CEO of Seraph Games.

-Basic Lore-

    Seraphia is a Vast and Diverse world of Many Creatures, Proud Culture, and Ancient Objects and Ruins. The Land is made up of Different Environments waiting to be Explored...From The Fields of Solaris, To the Dessert Lands of Nuria, to the Polar Wastes of Isolde, and many other Locations marked within Seraphia's Vast Geography. The Land has lived through many ages of War, Opression, and Bigotry against one another in the past, but as the Years Passed, the Races slowly began to live in Harmony, and Worked together to bring Balance to there Beautiful world. While Some Maintain there Hatreds for one another, Others work together and Prosper Among Seraphia's Rich Lands and Bounty. And with each passing day...a Hero slowly Begins to rise within the Books of Seraphia's History. Play your Cards right...and that hero just might be YOU.


When your first begin the Game, you may choose Whatever race you would like to play. Body Type, Eye Color, Gender(Don't worry, we won't judge you if you play the Opposite sex), all of these and more are yours to choose as you Create your Avatar. Here are the Five Races Currently Playable in Seraphia.

The Basic Choice for Many Players. Balanced in All stats, this Race can Adapt to any Class with Ease and be anything they set there Minds to. They are the Most Common of the People of Seraphia, and Mainly Live within the Lands of Solaris, if not in the Capital, then in Small Towns out in the Fields. While they Posess no Unique Skills, They Make up for it by being able to find 5% more Silvers in chests then other Players.

The Natives of the Seraphian Forests. They Live within treehouses and Huts in forest Regions and Ruins. While they Look Similar to Humans, The Stand out from them with there Long Pointed Ears, Odd Hair Colors, and Diferent Colored Eyes. They're more intune with Magic then Other races, and Excell in Magic, making them good with Magic Based Classes, but Lack in Health and Attack power. The Elves have a Special Ability called "Voice of Nature", Which Makes them Immune to Elemental Attacks for a Short time, but more Vulnerable to Physical attacks.

Cat-like Vagabonds of the Dessert Regions who Adore the Color Gold. These Felines are Sneaky and Cunning, Making them Adaptable with any Rogue-Based Class. While they Lack in Defensive Power and Health, they make up for with there Moderate Immunity to Magical Attacks and the mot agility then other races. The Felonus have an eternal feud with the Canus, and as a result, hate the aforementioned. The Felonus have an Ability called "Fortuna's Blessing", which gives them a Slightly Higher Chance to find Rare Items in Chests, but makes them more Vulnerable to status Ailments.

The Canine Nomads of Seraphia who Love the Color Silver. While it is unknown where the Canus Originate, they are Usually found in Camps all across the Land, or Gypsy Caravans Outside Forests or Near Towns. The Canus are More Familiar with magic and Healing, Making them Adept in Support Classes. They Have the Most health of the other Races, and have a slight immunity to status ailments. The Canus bare an eternal Hatred for the Felonus, and Usually Don't get along with them very well. The Canus have an Ability Called "Heaven's Gift", Which gives them a Slight EXP. Boost for a Short time, But makes more Immune to Elemental Attacks for a short time.

The Free and Strong People of the Mountains. The Most Challenging of the Races to Play as. While they have the Highest Attack and slightly higher Critical Hit Chance, they Lack in Agility and Magical Power, Making them Most Comfortable with Combat-Based Classes. They are also similar to humans, but highly stand out due to there Tall Statures, muscular bodies, and Natural Body Markings. They Terrosa have an ability like no other race, "Beast Awakening Mode"! which allows to transform into a Powerful monster for a short time, but causes them to be Vulnerable to all Physical, Magical, and Elemental attacks for a short time after changing back.

After you complete your Avatar, you must also choose a class to start with. You will be able to switch classes later on, even choose Advanced Versions of each class, but when first entering, you may choose one of the Following to start with. Here the Known Classes in game at the Moment.


Your Basic run of the Mill Sell-Sword. A Combat-based class for players who prefer to face there Enemies head on with Brute Strength and Power. They wear different variants of Armor, and Use Swords, Shields, and Spears as there Weapons of Choice.

Scholars of the Arcane Arts. they Attack enemies with a Wide array of Spells and Abilities That cause Elemental Harm to any who oppose them. They are Able to control all elements, and if lucky, there Attack may even be able to inflict status Ailments upon a Critical hit. They wear Robes, suits, and Light armor to Protect themselves, and use Staffs, Spell-Books, and Spell-Orbs.

Cutthroats and Thieves that move like the Wind. They attack enemies before they even know they're there. With Quick Movements, Deadly Stealth attacks, and Traps, they are a Force to be Reckoned with in any combat situation. They wear Light armor and Heavy Armor over all Others, and Prefer the Use of Daggers, Bombs, and War-Axes.

The Clergy and Clerics devoted to the light. while they lack in combat skill, they make up for with there Healing Spells and Status Ailment Curing Spells. They also have a Variety of Light-Based Magic which is Handy for Enemies of Darkness. They Wear Robes and Dresses, and use Maces, Staffs, and Spell-books.

The Cheerful and Beautiful entertainers of Seraphia. They keep the Spirits of the Alleys high and support them with Songs of Praise and Dances of Honor. They Specialize in Raising the Stats of Party members and Inflicting Status Ailments upon enemies. There dancing also comes in handy for Tricking the Enemies with unusual movments Songs. They Wear Dresses, Suits, and Light armor over all else, and love using Chakrams, Instruments, and Schimitars.

Some classes have Advanced Vocations that they can take on as they Rank up in there Current Class. Here are a few of them.



Warrior- The Second Tier of Fighter Class. Basically the Same, but with Stronger attacks. Same Weapons, but able to use War Axes and Schimitars as well.

Knight- Warriors who Prefer a Balance of Offensive and Defensive Combat. Can Use Swords, Shields, and Maces.

Berserker- a full frontal warrior who attack with Brutal Force and Large Weaponry. Can Use Battle-axes, Two-Handed Swords, and War-Hammers.

Blademaster- Basically the Seraphia Equivalent of a Samurai. uses all manner of Blade with Quick agility and Cunning Offense. Uses Swords, Katanas, and Two-Handed Swords.

Brawler- Warriors who prefer using there Fists over weaponry. Each level makes there Offense when Unarmed Higher. Uses Battle Gauntlets over all others.


Mercenary- Second Tier of Rogue. Same Basic Stats, but Stronger traps and Skills. Uses same Weapons, but can now Use Schimitars as well.

Hunter- Rogues who have learned to use Projectiles. Can Attack enemies and Snipe from long distances. Can use Daggers, Throwing Axes, and Bows.

Archer- Basically the Same as Hunter, but Uses Projectiles as the Main Focus. Can use Bows, Bombs, and Cross-Bows.

Ninja- Stealthy Rogues who Attack and Deal High Critical Damage. Can use Katanas, Daggers, and Bombs.



Sorcerer- Second Tier of Mage Class. Basically the Same, but with more Powerful spells and attacks. Uses same weapons.

Elemental- Mages who use a Specific element against there Enemies. Uses Daggers, Staffs, and Spell Orbs.

Summoner- Mages who can Summon Familiars and Monster fight for them. Uses Same Weapons as mages.

Necromancer- Masters of the Dark Arts. they use the Power of the Dead to Destroy all who Oppose them. Can Use Shaman Staffs, Throwing Axes, and Spell Orbs.


priest- The Second Tier of Healer. Same as before, but with More Powerful Healing Spells. Uses same Weapons, but can use Sword Now at well.

Templar- Combat Oriented Healers who can support with both healing spells AND Defensive combat. Can use Maces, Shields, and Staffs.

Cultist- A Darker, more Twisted Version of the Healer who uses forbidden arts to heal there Allies and Cause great pain to there Foes. Can Use Shaman Staffs, War Axes, and Schimitars.

Gypsy- Second tier of Dancer Class. Same Basic Skills, but with even Stronger Dances and Songs. Uses same Weapons, but can now Use Spell-Orbs and Claws.

Seer- A More Magic Oriented Dancer who adds magic there Performance. Uses Instruments, Staffs, and Spell Orbs.

Deciever- More Sinister Dancers who Enjoy playing around with there Enemies before dealing the Killing Blow. Uses Daggers, Chakrams, and Instruments.

Once you are Above Level 30 and have the Right Qualifications, You can choose to take on Hybrid Vocations. These Classes are a Fusion of two classes and are for players who a Mix of Two Styles. here are a few Previews of the Possibilities.

Paladin- Hybrid of Fighter and Healer. Can Fight effectively in combat and Heal allies when in Need. Can Use Swords, Maces, spears, and Shields

Assassin- a Hybrid of Fighter and Rogue. Warriors who kill there Enemies quickly with fast Offensive and Deadly weapons. Can Use Schimitars, Katanas, Bows, and Bombs.

Battlemage- A Hybrid of Fighter and Mage. Mages who cast powerful spells and put up a good fight against it's foes. Uses Staffs, Swords, Maces, and Spell Orbs.

Pilgrim- A Hybrid of Healer and Rogue. They Hunt down any enemies of the Dark and Drag them into the Light with Powerful Magic and Quick Attacks. Uses Daggers, Cross-bows, Maces, and Throwing Axes.

Runemaster- A Hybrid of Brawler and Mage. With Martial arts and the Arcane Arts, these Warriors are Both Powerful and Wise in Combat. Uses Battle Gauntlets and Claws.

Monk- A Hybrid of Healer and Brawler. Providing Strong Martial Arts and Healing those in need of Assistance. Uses Battle Gauntlets, Staffs, and Schimitars.

Bard- A Hybrid of Fighter and Dancer. Combat Oriented Performers who prefer to seek there Inspiration from Battle and Exploration. Uses Instruments, Swords, Bows, and Shields.

Necrodancer- A Hybrid of Dancer and Necromancer. Alluring and Sinister Dancers who Make the Corpses themselves entertain friends and Foes. Uses Shaman Staffs, Instruments, Spell Orbs, and Claws.

Hero- The Jack of all Trades! Can use any Equipment, any Weapon, and can be Customized to the Players Liking! You must be level 100 to use this class. Only Mr. Kyros himself has it so far.

And this is only a Slice of what you will find in the Lands of Seraphia. What you choose and how you play will be up to you to decide once you enter the world of Seraphia. Expect all of this and More as you adventure through the Frontiers of Seraphia. So jump right in and Have fun in CHRONICLES OF THE SPELLSWORD!

I'll be sure to give you more information when I can. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Seraph Games takes any and all feedback!

...And by Seraph Games, I mean ME.

That is all!


Bryan K.
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My name is Bryan. I am a 20 year old Male, I like to Play Video Games and draw with a mouse or a pencil and Paper, I am also currently a single man.

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Personal Quote: "Everyone and everything has a story...They just have make it happen!"

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