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Part 3 of the Dynasty Warriors Halloween Special!

The Zombie Revenge Continues as the Houses fight to stay alive...As the Undead continue to rampage, they Start to wonder if they'll ever see the light of day again...

*The Tiger Bus Continues Foward!*
Han Dang: *Still Chasing the Bus!* STOP THE BUS! WAIT FOR ME!!!
*The Zombies Follow behind as he chases the Bus!*
*Shu has already Taken Measures in Preparing for the Attack...The Windows are Boarded up, the Juggernauts are in Place in the Front and Backyards, and the Warriors stand in there Home with Weapons in Hand!*
Zhao Yun: *Glaring through a Hole in the Planks!*...They don't seem to be going past the Juggernauts...We're safe, for now...
Ma Chao: But I Don't think they will last very long...Surely, Master Zhuge Liang has an alternative plan...
Ma Dai: *watching Tarzan on the T.V.* TWO WOOORLDS! ONE FAAAMILY!!!
Ma Chao: Ma Dai, This is NO TIME to enjoy the Family Friendly Entertainment of Disney! The Villains of old have Risen again!
Ma Dai: But it's a classic, Young Master!
Guan Yu: mmmm...*Stroking Beard* Brother...Surely we don't plan on Staying here...They're bound to break through eventually...
Liu Bei: Of Course not! We just need to hold out until Zhuge Liang gives us the Signal...
Zhuge Liang: *Looking out through Binoculars on the Balcony*...Hmmmmm...Something isn't right...Jiang Wei isn't Responding...*Krrrsh!* Jiang Wei, Do you Read? Over? Have you recovered the Truck?...Jiang Wei?...Jiang Wei?!
*Meanwhile in a Truck Garage*
*Jiang Wei, Please Respond, Over!...Guan Ping! Guan Xing! ANYONE! Please Respond!*
Zombie Jiang Wei: *Jiang Wei has been Infected!* Graaaaaagh....Benevoleeeeence....
Guan Ping: *Getting Eaten by his Brother* AAAAAGH! GAAAAAGH!!! *Guan Ping has been Infected!**Guan Xing has Been Infected!*
Zhuge Liang: ....*Sigh*...Great...Seems I'll need a change in plans...
Yueying: Oh dear...My Husband, are you sure we can survive this...?
Zhuge Liang: Of course, Dear...I Will not leave anyone behind!
*Bam! Bam! Bam!*
Zhao Yun: *!* They've Broken through! *Spear Ready!* They're at the Door!
Zhang Fei: Oh, DAMMIT! I knew this wouldn't last long!
Liu Bei: Everyone! Remain Calm! Stay Together! *Picks up Blades off the wall!*
*DOOR BREAKS DOWN!...However, it is the WU house!*
Guan Yu: *sneers* Oh GOD, it's WU...that's even WORSE!
sun Jian: Liu Bei! Where is my Daughter?!
Liu Bei: She's helping with the Back-Door, why?
Sun Jian: I Don't trust you with her! I'm taking her with us!
Liu Bei: WHAT?! But...But the Alliance!
Sun Jian: All that matters now is survival! And I am going to keep my Family Safe!
Guan Yu: Well, if THAT'S the case...*Raises Pike, Glaring at Sun Jian!*
Sun Jian: Don't you try it, Guan Yu! *raises sword!*
Guan Yu: Try What?! As I Recall, you have NO RIGHT to barge into OUR HOME and Demand my Brother's Wife!
Sun Jian: Your Brother's Wife is MY DAUGHTER! And I am simply trying to ensure her safety as her FATHER!
Sun Jian: *!!!* WHAT DID YOU SAY?!
Liu Bei: GUAN YU! ENOUGH! Master Sun Jian, I Fully Agree...It is important you keep your family safe! I'll go get her at once!
Sun Jian: *Glaring at Guan Yu*...Thank you, Liu Bei! I'm sorry for the Distrust, but I'd be more Comfortable if my daughter was with us...Though, Knowing my Daughter's Love for you, it might not be easy to Convince he-
Sun Shangxiang: *Runs past them to the Tiger Bus!* I'M RIGHT HERE, FATHER! LET'S GO!
Sun Jian: Huh?!...Shangxiang! Where are yo-
Sun Jian: ...Oh...Well...Uuuummmm...*Nods* Take care of yourself, Liu Bei! *Runs to the bus, Cutting a Zombie as he runs Back!*
Liu Bei: Ooookaaaay....Um...
Ma Dai: Did she say Zhuge Liang's Plan...FAILED?!
Liu Bei: *!*...Oh My...
Liu Shan: Father, Are we going to die...?
Liu Bei: Errr! No! Of course not, Son! We'll make it out of this Together! Zhuge Liang will think of something! I know he Will!
Ma Chao: WHAT THE HELL?!...Um...Someone just blew up our Juggernauts...
Liu Bei: ...Crap...
*Zombies start Breaking through the Windows and Eating Random Shu Officers while others fight them off!*
(HOUSE JIN!) (The one you've all been waiting for!)
*A Few minutes Earlier...*
*the Jin Forces wait on the Roof with state of the art weaponry as the Zombies pay no attention and Just Hobble around there Front and Backyards!*
Sima Zhao: *Relaxing on the Roof* Aren't the stars Beautiful tonight, Yuanji?
Wang Yuanji: *Throwing Knives down at the Horde!*...My Lord, this is HARDLY the time for star-Gazing!
Sima Zhao: Why Not? We got plenty of Weapons, and Zombies Can't climb! They can't get us up here...
Xiahou Ba: Not unless there's a SMOKER in there Group...Or a Jockey...or a HUNTER!
Sima Shi: This isn't one of your Stupid Zombie Games, IMBECILE! This is SURVIVAL! And we must Rise Above the other Houses and Survive this Apocalypse! *Click!* *Click!* *KABAM!!!*
Sima Zhao: I don't think it's an Apocalypse...It's not Effecting anywhere else in the world...Just our Neighborhood...
Deng Ai: I hear it is worse down in the City...
Sima Yi: It's all over Dynasty Street, I'm Afraid...Undead as far as the Eye can see...Unfortunately for the other houses, I Don't think they'll last very long...We'll stick with the Roof for now, But soon enough we shall take to the Armored Truck Zhuge Dan Rented, Steal a Boat, And Watch as our Enemies are Slowly Eaten alive by these Flesh-Eating Savages! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!
Sima Zhao:...Ooooh, Right! Zombies can't Swim...Hehe...
Xiahou Ba: But what if there's Zombie SHARKS, Too! Or Zombie PIRRANHAS?!
Sima Zhao:...eeeesh...That's a good point...
Guo Huai: Regardless...I'm sick enough as is...I'd rather not add Zombie Infection to my list of illness's-*COUGH!**COUGH!**COUGH!*...Forgive me...-If I can Help it!
Zhang Chunhua: Well, I'm fully confident of my Survival in this...Though I Don't know about you, My may not last long...
Sima Yi: Er...W-What are you Talking about?! OF COURSE I'll Survive this! These Zombies are Brainless! I have the Intellect of a thousand Strategists Combined! Though, I agree Your Survival IS guaranteed, My Dear...They'd no Doubt Quiver in fear of your Presence...
Sima Zhao: Hell, they'd probably just Hail Mother as there QUEEN!
Zhang Chunhua: hahaha...Oh, my son, where do you get these odd fantasies of yours...?
Sima Shi: Even so...Our Neighbors are nothing but a bunch of Imbeciles...Let them Kill Eachother Off like Blood-Thirsty Savages! WE shall be the ones to rise above them all!
Jia Chong: I Couldn't agree more...Though it seems Zhuge Liang was prepared for this...
Sima Yi: *!* What?! HOW PREPARED?!
Jia Chong: He has Juggernauts places in the Front and Backyards! And the Windows are Fully Barricaded!
Sima Yi: *Gritting teeth with anger!* Grrrrrr! Zhuge Liaaaaang!!! I Will not let you outlast me! GUO HUAI! GIVE ME THAT RPG!
Sima Zhao: RPG? Father, I Don't think Role-playing games will do much to him!
Sima Yi: *Slowly Glares at Zhao!*...ROCKET...PROPELLED...GRENADE, ZHAO! *Picks it up, aiming at the Juggernauts and Blowing them up One by One!* There! Let's see how long he lasts NOW! Enjoy Being a Flesh-Eater's Dinner, ZHUGE LIANG! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Sima Zhao: *blink!* Well, THAT was a little harsh, don't you think?
Jia Chong: Better THEM then us!
Sima Yi: Ha! Look! They're already Swarming! I Hope Zhuge Dan Takes his Time...I Want to SAVOR Zhuge Liang's Blood-Curdling Screams...
Zhang Chunhua: Lovely! I was hoping we'd have some music to enjoy this Night with...
Sima Zhao: ...*Facepalm* *Sigh*...GOD, My parents are Sadistic...

To be Continued in part 4!


Bryan K.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Bryan. I am a 20 year old Male, I like to Play Video Games and draw with a mouse or a pencil and Paper, I am also currently a single man.

Mah main Buddehz:

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My sister:
check her out sometime, she's a way better artist then me.

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Current Residence: Washington state
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Techno, Game music
Favourite photographer: Frank West
Favourite style of art: Not too cartoony, not too anime-ish...
Operating System: Laptop computer
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Ed from Ed,Edd,And Eddy
Personal Quote: "Everyone and everything has a story...They just have make it happen!"

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