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Part 5 of the Vacation on Wyrmfire Island!
Summer may be over, But I'm done with this Story just Yet! I got a Halloween One Planned afterward, too!

The Vacation is actually turning out decent Regardless of Both parties on the Island. and Now, the Sun Sets on the Island with Clear Skies of Stars, And the tribals begin there welcoming Celebration for there Island Guests.

*Drums pound, and a Warrior Blows a Conch as Orca stands before the Fire!*
Orca: Dren lokal ! WELCOME, Honored Guests...And Despoire...To OUR ISLAND! Tonight, we celebrate your Presence, and share with you the Culture and Pride of the Wyrmkin! Enjoy yourselves! We have Prepared a Feast FIT FOR A DRAGON! Music to Appease the Fire Goddess herself! and DANCING! The Ancient Dance of our People! THE DAN YOL DOVALOK!
Akimoto: *Blink!*....*Blink!*...What?!
Azula: He's Talking about the Hula!
Orca: Uh...YEAH! That's what the Mainlanders call it, right? In our tongue, I was ACTUALLY saying "Dance of the Fire Dragons!"...*Shakes Head!* Er! Getting off Track! Sorry! LET'S LUAU!!!
*The Tribal drums pound as the Wyrmkin play there Music, various Wyrmkin Chanting and dancing around the Fire as they laugh, Eat, and Drink...*
Vayle: My, My, I must say...This Party of theres is rather Exotic.
Raziel: there's Definitely something in the air that Draws you in...*Chugs down a coconut Drink!*
Severus: *Mumbling* Filthy Savages...I bet they stole my trunks on purpose...These Leaves are Just ITCHY! How in Blazes to they wear this?
Sirius: Oh! Calm yourself, Severus! at least you're embracing another People's culture for once...
Severus: I AM ONLY WEARING THIS TO MAKE MYSELF DECENT! I bet the Infernus Clan Stole my Shorts...Accursed Demons....*Hit by a Orange Fruit!* ARGH! What the HELL?!
Akimoto: Whoops! SORRY! My hand Slipped while I was grabbing the Fruit! Haha! *Picks another One up!*
Vent: *Dancing around the Fire!* Yeeaaah! Check me out! This is how a DEMON parties! *Showing off various Dance Moves, making an Idiot of Himself!*
Kona: *Silent!* *Drinks from Coconut!*...
Fiona: ...Are you alright, Kona?
Kona: I'm Fine...
Bellator: We ain't buying it, Jungleboy! You've been acting weird ever since we got here. This is where you Grew up! Aren't glad to be home?!
Kona: Of Course I am! I'm glad Everyone's safe! But I...I-I Just...Grrr...I said I'm Fine! *Chugs Coconut Again!*...*Belches as a Small Puff of Blue Fire emits from his Mouth!*
Orca: HAHAAAA! *Lays Down a Giant Bowl on a Table!* FILL HER UP! Volcanic Eruption!
Akimoto: What's Volcanic Eruption?
Orca: It's just an Alcohol we make around here! Good Stuff! Plenty of Fruit!
Akimoto: Oh...Well, in that Case, I don't drink, so I'll Pass!
Bellator: Feh...YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING, BOY! *Holds out Coconut!* Gimme some of that! I'm always a sucker for Alcohol!
Orca: Now You're talking! *poors into cup!* Careful! It's a little Spicy...
Bellator: Even Better! *Chug!* *Blows Fire out of his Mouth!* HOT DAMN! It's like a Tropical Version of Firebrand Wine! *Chug!* *Blows Fire!* HAHAHAAAA! I LOVE IT!
Akimoto: Just watch where you blow those flames, gramps! You nearly Burnt my Hair Off!
*The Music turns slower as the conch blows, signaling the entertainment!*
Orca: And Now...Our Ladies shall Dance in the Name of the Fire Goddess! The Dragon Mother! THIS...Is the TRUE DAN YOL DOVALOK!
*the Hula Dancers emerge, donned in various tattoos, Flower Necklaces, Dragon Bones, and long, Decorated Grass Skirts that Move as one with them!*
Vent: *!* OH HELL YEAH! *Whistles Loudly!*
Akimoto: Now the REAL SHOW Begins! WOOOOOH!!!
Raziel: You guys and your obsession with Dancers...*Chugs Coconut!*
*The Dancers moved swiftly and Brilliantly, Performing a Very Tribal and Exotic Dance...To the Infernus Party's Shock, Krystal was dancing along with them!*
Raziel: *!* Wait a Minute, is that-...
Fiona: *Claps!* So that's where she ran off to!
Krystal: *Dancing alongside the Others, she matches there Movements and Dances around the Fire with them!*
Damien: Hm...That Thief Certainly Enjoys dancing...
*The Drums pound harder as the The flames rise and the Ladies finish off there Dance! The Tribals Cheer in delight!*
Orca: Ha! Not Bad, Girl! Not bad at all! We'll be sure to give you call if we need a backup for the performances! *Pats Krystal on the Back, accidentally Knocking her over!* *!*...Hehe...Oops...Guess I'm too strong for my own good...
Krystal: *Phew!* Hahahaha! That was cool! *Removes the Headdress Joining the Others!* How's it going, guys?
Vent: Pretty Good! You Really Rocked that Grass Skirt, Krys!
Fiona: You certainly do enjoy the Wyrmkin's Dancing, don't you?
Krystal: There's just something Mesmerizing about it, You know? Something that Just Drives me to Join the Fun as I dance to the Rhythm of the There Drums! It's almost like a More Intense Tribal Version of Belly Dancing! But regardless! It's fun! And MAN is it a Workout! *Takes a Coconut Drink, and Sips!* Plus, I love these adornments! Not only is it pretty, but It makes me wanna bring out a more...Wild Side of me!
Fiona: I agree! But...Isn't it odd for them to wear the Bones of fallen dragons with there Dances?
Krystal: It is a little Weird, but I like it! *Sip!*...I Wonder why they do it...
Kona: It's a part of the Dance, Actually...We wear the Bones of fallen Dragons to Honor them in the Afterlife, so that there spirits may forever be at peace in the Flames of the Dragon Mother...It's a very respectful part of our Dances...*Drink!*...You honored the Dragons with your Dance, Krystal...*forces a Smile* Wear those Bones with pride...
Krystal: Hehehe...Alright! Cool! Thanks, Kona!
Kona: *Nods Head, His Smile Immediately Fading as he looks down at his Drink!*
*The Music Continues as the MALE dancers perform this time!*
Vent: Aaaaaand here comes the Sausage fest...Yay...They better be wearing underwear under those clothes, man!
Vayle: Oh, Silence! Don't insult there Culture! I actually find this Dance to be Much more Alluring...
Krystal: Yeah! No Kidding! *Growls as she watches them Dance!* Shake those Hips, Boys!
Sirius: Finally! Some GOOD Entertainment! The lady's dance was beautiful, but THIS is a true Show!
Vayle: Oh, Yes! I agree, Lord Sirius! The Males Certainly know how to dance as well!
Sirius: Yes...*Smiling*...They Dance VERY Well...
Vayle: Um...So...You are next to succeed your Father, Correct?
Sirius: What? Oh! Yes! I am to become the Next Chancellor when the time comes...
Severus: *Mumbling angrily!*...
Vayle: ...*Glare*...*Shakes Head!* A-Anyway! Tell me, My Lord! Have you considered taking on a Spouse of some kind with your Rule?
Sirius: Ha! Funny you should Ask that! I have considered taking on a Spouse with my rule...And...well...I been considering the Options, Lady Vayle...You are a Talented Seamstress and a Beautiful Noble...Both of those are Excellent Traits, Especially from someone of Speranza...So...I Wish to Ask you...Lady Vayle...
Vayle: O-oh my...Y-Yes?*Blushing!*
Akimoto: *!!!* *Stands up, Throwing his Drink to the Ground!*...*Glaring down Sirius!*
Sirius: Lady Vayle...W-Would you...Be Willing to make matching suits for when my Boyfriend and I eventually Marry?
Vayle: Y-YES! YES, MY LORD! OF COURSE I WOULD-*!!!*...Wait...What?
Akimoto: *!!!*...*Cracks a Smile!*
Sirius: With Aubert Basille Gone, most of the Fashion back in Despoire is Generic Noble TRASH! However, I've seen many of the Works You've done, and Feel should I Ever marry my Strategist, You'd be able to make Perfect Outfits for Him and I...
Vayle: *!!!* I...I...Strategist?...Him?...B...BOYFRIEND?!
Sirius: Yes! Boyfriend! Did you not know? I am Homosexual.
Vayle: *!!!* *HEART-BREAK!*
Akimoto: Pfff...HAHAHAHAHAHA! *Uncontrollably laughs onto the Ground!*
Damien: Yes, Lady Vayle...My Son, Sirius, is Gay...But that matters little to me...Regardless of his Sexuality, he has MORE then proven himself to Succeed me as high Chancellor...When the time comes, at least...
Sirius: Yes! S-so...Would you be willing to make the outfits when needed? I would pay you Greatly!
Vayle: *Sighs Deeply, then looks up with a Smile!* Of Course, My Lord! Just call me when the Time comes, and I shall Gladly make the Outfits for you and your Boyfriend...
Sirius: Ah! Thank you, Lady Vayle! You truly are a Kind Woman! We need more Women of Your Class in the Nobility!
Vayle: Ahaha! You're too kind, my lord!
Akimoto: Pffft! Hehehehe...You've been Flirting with a gay guy this whole time!
Vayle: Oh, Hush! Sexuality Matters Not! At least He was honest about it...he even Offered to be a Potential Client in the Future, and that's good enough for me! I shall make him and his Mate outfits Fit for a KING!
Damien: ...*Smiles, then proceeds to watch the Show!*...The Wyrmkin truly are an interesting race...
Severus: They are nothing more then Dragons in Human form, Father! They're Savages! Why didn't we just bring the Fleet to Enslave them all?
Damien: *His Smile Vanishes* Because we have caused enough pain to them, Severus...We have plenty of Wyrmkin in our City to do our Bidding...Let the others live out on the Island...We've already picked out most of the Strong ones, anyway...
Kona: *Turns to the Chancellor Direction, Fury in his Eyes!*...Grrr....
Damien: Besides...It wouldn't be right to capture them after the Hospitality they've shown us...
Severus: Grrrrrrr....*Points to Mika!* You Poisoned my Father with your Words, SAVAGE! He would've taken ALL of these Dragons if not for you!
Mika: Your Father Decided this Himself, Severus! I am Thankful for him wanting to make amends to my People! If only they could all see the Chancellor I've seen...Perhaps they would open there Hearts a little more...
Severus: The Chancellor YOU'VE seen? Need I remind you you are our SLAVE, Dragon! You serve US, now!
Mika: *Glare!* Regardless, my love for Wyrmfire Island and my Culture Remains the Same! I have accepted my fate as a Servant of Despoire! But my Loyalty is to your Father ALONE!
Severus: Your Loyalty is TO THE REPUBLIC, You Savage! KNOW YOUR PLACE! *Raises Arm, ready to Slap her!*
Kona: *Grabs ahold of Severus's Arm, his own hand changed into a Dragon's Talon!* Don't...even...THINK ABOUT IT!
Akimoto: *!* Woah! Kona!
Severus: Unhand me at once, Dragon!
Kona:   I Don't care if Mika's with Despoire or not! If you lay ONE HAND on her, I'll-
Severus: You'll WHAT...Savage?...You'll WHAT?!...You harm me, my Father, or My Siblings on our Vacation, The Republic Fleet will be all over your pathetic island...*Smiles Cynically at Kona!*...Are you willing to let your People DIE?
*The Drums stop, the Tribals silent as they all stare at Kona and Severus!*
Azula: Kona...Please release him!
Orca: Kona! I Agree with you! But it's not worth it! He's just saying words! He's not taking action!
Severus: Not YET!
Azula: We HAVE TO! It's the only way to guarantee our People's Safety! Remember what the Elder Said! Those VISIONS he showed us!
Orca: Come on, Little Dragon...Don't let your Vendetta control you...
Damien: *Simply Watching!*
Mika: ...K...Kona...Release him...Please.
Kona: ....*Throws him against a tree!*...GrrrrRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGH!!!!*Yells as a large Pillar of Blue Flame emerges from his Mouth, rushing deep into the forest!*
Akimoto: *!!!* KONA! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!
Vayle: KONA!
Bellator: Leave him! the Boy's got a lot on his mind...Things like these are best handled alone...
Severus: Grrrr....*Standing up*...Filthy BEAST! How dare he throw me like some Ragdoll!
Mika: *Growls angrily, Striking Severus with her fist!*
Severus: AAAAGH!!! *Falls over again!*
Mika: We have a word for people like you, Severus... DUKANAX PAAK!
*The Tribals eyes widen in shock at her words!*
Azula: Oh My...
Orca: Hahahahaha...THERE'S the old Mika...
Damien: ...Hm...*Stands up, Closing his Book!* Do as you Please with him, Mika! I need to take a Walk...
Severus: WHAT?!
Mika: Thank you, My Lord...*Turns to Severus with a Smug Smile!*
Severus: Y...You stay away from me!
Orca: Need a Hand?
Mika: I Would very much appreciate it!
Akimoto: Whatever you guys are about to do, I Want in!
Bellator: *Throws drink aside, Cracking Knuckles!* I think it's high time someone Disciplined you, Hula Boy!
*Deep in the Jungle, Kona looks as his reflection in a small body of water*
Kona: ...*Pulls out a Feathered Broach from his Bag*...
There's a Child over there! GRAB HIM!
Kona: ....*Breaks down into tears*...Why...Why did they take you from me?...*sobbing* If only I was stronger...Mother...Father....
So THIS is where you ran...
Kona: *!* *Turns!*
Damien: *Standing near the pool*...You Harbor much Grief and Hatred behind those eyes...
Kona: *Clenches Fists, turning away!* Just Stay away from me...
Damien: Your Parents were not easy to capture...Even as we took them aboard they'd riot and cause an uprising on the Boat...No matter what we did they refused to bend to our Will...I respected them Greatly for that...
Kona: *Tears Rolling down his face, attempting to hold back his anger*...
Damien: In the end, we just couldn't break there Spirits...The often lead Rebellions alongside the Slum-dwellers and other Slaves... They truly were proud of there Culture... But because of there Uprisings...I Had to have both of them killed...
Kona: *Eyes widen in Shock, slowly changing into fury!*
Damien: I asked many of the slaves how Funerals were held on Wyrmfire island...Out of respect for there Resistance, I Buried them in the Way of the Wyrmkin...Would I had the Chance, I likely would've sent them back...But I had little choice...I had to Kill them for the Sake of the Republic...
Kona: You HAD to kill them...? *Fists Clenches*...You DIDN'T have a choice?!...
Damien: Sometimes a ruler must make cruel choices for the greater good of there People... Letting them go would've only caused further problems...
Kona: *fury envelopes him as tears roll down his face*...*Hands Burst with Flame and he turns around, Charging the Chancellor* Yoooou BASTAAAAAAAAAAARD!!!!
Damien: *!!!* *Eyes widen!*
*Kona Erupts into his Dragon Form, Slamming Chancellor Damien against a Tree, Holding him by his Dragon Claw as blue flames rise from his Mouth!*
Damien: Grrrr....Kr....You have every right to kill me...Hrk...But know it will only bring dire Consequences to your Tribe! A Fate...WORSE then Death! *Kona's Grip tightening!* Gaaargh...urk...Answer me this...Grrrr...Is Vengeance...REALLY worth more then the Lives of your entire race?!
Kona: *his Dragon Eyes shrink with realization, remembering what the Elder Shaman had said to him...The Flames in his Mouth disappear as he lowers his head, then raising it with one final roar of anger, reverting back to his Human Form!*...*Sigh*...
Damien: Grrrr...*Stumbles to his feet*...*Stares down Kona*...
Kona: ...I Thank you...For Giving them a Wyrmkin Burial...and For the Kindness you've shown to the Tribals you've captured...*Turns to him, with a look of anger*...But I HATE you...with all of my Being...And I will NEVER forgive you for what you've taken from me...
Damien: I do not expect Forgiveness for my actions...But I will at least do what I can to make up for the lives the Republic has Taken from the Wyrmkin...
Kona: ...Thank You...*Walks back toward the Village to Rejoin the Party!*
Damien: ...There Deaths have caused him suffering...But that Grief and Anger...Has certainly driven him to be Strong...Even for someone so young...Perhaps there spirits have become one with his...
*The Party has Continued, this time, with Severus Tied up to a Pull with fruit being thrown at him!*
Akimoto: Hahahahaha! Now THIS is a Party Game! *Throws a mango at him!*
Mika: *Smug Grin!* I may be in the Service of Lord Damien, But I know when Severus crosses the line and WHEN he needs to be disciplined...*Picks up a Pineapple, Aiming for his Face!*
Silica: ...*Picks up a Coconut*...
Silica: ...*Stares up at him, an Evil Expression Masking her Innocent Demeter!*... EXECUTION! ...*Throws the Coconut at him!*
Severus: NoooOOOOOOO-*CRACK!* GuuuuhURRRRRrrr...*Passes out*...
Silica: Hahahahahaha....
Krystal: *Hula Dancing with the Girls again as they Dance around the Fire!*
Vent: *Making a Fool of himself as he does various Break-dances and ridiculous dance moves around the Fire!*
Rip-Tooth: *Chewing on a large Warthog Tusk Next to Fiona*
Brutus: *Yawning and Laying on his Side as he tries to sleep through the Noise!*
Kona: *Returns from the Woods, his head held high*...
Elder Shaman: *Approaches Kona*...Have you Overcome your Hatred, Little Dragon?
Kona: *Smiles!* Yes, Elder Shaman...While I cannot Forgive him for what he has done, I know Killing him wouldn't bring any of our fallen back...nor My Parents...I am sorry for my anger, Elder Shaman...
Elder Shaman: There is no need for apologies, Little Dragon...The Greatest challenge for any dragon is to overcome there primal Emotions...Without proper control over it, we end up mere beasts in human form...much like Pyron and his Heretic tribe... Letting go of your negative emotions is the first step many must take in order to fully grow... And you are already on the Path to taking that First step...
Kona: ...*Smiles, Nodding his Head*...
Orca: Though, It wouldn't hurt to do Pranks on the Despoire Guys every now and then!
Elder Shaman: *Raises Brow in a Glare* Orca...
Orca: I'm Joking! Sheesh...Come on, Kona! Zu's Actually Dancing for Once! Let's go join her!
Kona: Haha! okay! *Following orca to the Bonfire!*
Mika: *Smiling, Watching the Party as her Brethren continue to Dance* ..
Damien: *Returns, Sitting back in his Seat!*...You're free to Join them if you'd like...
Mika: *!* M-my Lord!
Damien: You are just as much on Vacation as we are, Mika...If you wish to dance with your People again...Then go ahead... You need not Shadow me as you do in the Capital here...
Mika: Chancellor...*Smiles, Gratefully Curtsying to her Master!* Thank You! *Excitedly joins in with the Dancers!*
Damien: *Smiles, Nodding his Head, then opening his book, and going back to reading!*...
Bellator: *Chugs down a Bowl of Volcano Eruption!* HAHAHAAAAAA! *Hic!* NOW THIS IS A PARTY! BRING ON THE HULA HULA, BITCHES! I'm ABOUT TO ERUPT! *Hic!* *Falls over!*
Akimoto: Oh Jeese, GRAMPS! *Dragging him to Brutus!*
*The Vacation Continued for a few more days, Fiona and Silica Unexpectedly Becoming Friends, Krystal Learning the Dances of the Wyrmkin to Impress her Friends back in Lebenia, Akimoto Exploring the Island alongside Raz and Vent, the Despoire Family Relaxing upon the beach, and Kona grew a little stronger and wiser after that vacation. It was Vacation Everyone Enjoyed! ...Except Severus, who stayed tied to the pole for the rest of the week....



Bryan K.
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United States
My name is Bryan. I am a 21 year old Male, I like to Play Video Games and draw with a mouse or a pencil and Paper, I am also currently a single man.

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Current Residence: Washington state
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Favourite photographer: Frank West
Favourite style of art: Not too cartoony, not too anime-ish...
Operating System: Laptop computer
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Favourite cartoon character: Ed from Ed,Edd,And Eddy
Personal Quote: "Everyone and everything has a story...They just have make it happen!"

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