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The Final part of Vayle and Kona's Rescue From Aubert's Sinister Plan.

The Despoire agents sit with there Hands Tied, Awaiting the Emperor's Judgement.

Castle Lion-Claw, Throne-Room.
Aubert: My Shame knows no limits... I Can't return to the Capital after THIS Disgrace! They'll execute me!
Despoire Soldier: Show some Dignity, Lord Basile! Hold back your Fear and Show you are Willing to die for the Republic's Future!
Aubert: *!!!* ARE YOU MAD?!!
Xaldin: SILENCE!
*the Despoire Agents and Aubert kneel before the Emperor...Awaiting there Judgement for there Actions...*
Emperor Friedrich: *Sitting in his Throne, Glaring down at the Despoire Agents* Each of you are Guilty of Attempted Murder...Not only have you ruined the Social Gathering with your little plans, but you also tried to take my Life...I Want to know who gave you these orders, and WHY!
Despoire Mage: Our Orders were Simple...Lord Basile Distracts the Guards at the Social Gathering...Then we would go in and Kill You while your Soldiers were Occupied...It was the Young Master's Plan to get rid of you and Weaken Speranza's Morale...Then, send a Private Army to destroy this City and Seize it under control of the Republic!
Emperor Friedrich: Young Master? So This WAS Lord Severus's Plan..Does his father know he's orchestrating these attacks behind his back and going against his Council?
Despoire Mage:   He told us the Chancellor fully knew about this plan and Approved it...
Despoire Mage2: *Sneer*...It seems we were LIED to...
Emperor Friedrich: Is that so? Well, Chancellor Damien WILL be hearing about this assassination attempt...You are dismissed! Guards, Escort them out of the Capital and to the Border! *Glare* As for YOU, Aubert Basile...
Aubert: Your Majesty, it was not my intention for it to be this Way! I Simply Wanted to improve your city with my artwork!
Vayle: Oh, SILENCE! You are fooling NO ONE, You WRETCH!
Emperor Friedrich: *Raises hand* Lady Vayle, I'll handle this...You say that wasn't your intention...but your cooperation would say otherwise!
Aubert: *Groan* I see I am not getting anywhere...Very Well! I humbly Request my Execution for my Actions! I Cannot Bare to Return to the Capital with my Name Slandered as it is...
Xaldin: *Looks to Friedrich* Hm...What say you, Sire? Shall we give him the Satisfaction?
Emperor Friedrich: Of course not! I'm sure he regrets his action greatly...It's only fair that we make him live with this shame! *Smirk*
Kona: Hahahaha...I'm sure word of your Actions will spread all across Vitaria! You'd be run out of every town in Speranza for trying to Kill the Emperor! You'd be run out of Despoire as well for disobeying your Ruler! I can honestly think of no better Punishment then THAT...
Emperor Friedrich: Exactly! *Nods* And don't bother trying to hide out in the city, ether...You are hereby BANNED from the Capital! You are no longer welcome in my Empire...
Aubert: Does my Disgrace NEVER END?! Gaaargh! *Glares at Vayle* This is YOUR FAULT, SHE-GOAT! YOU AND YOUR DISGUSTING REGALIA RUINED MY LIFE!!!
Vayle: Hm! You have No One to blame for your Failure but yourself, IMBECILE! Had you not been working with assassins! You would still be working in your Little Kitchen making your CAKE DRESSES! To put it in the terms of a Tailor...You started out with a Brilliant lining on your work, but ran out of fabric to continue on...Now you're just simply Hanging by a Thread, hoping it will all stay together in the end...But even so, I'm sure your Sins will haunt you...Even in the afterlife!
Aubert: Grrrrr...This is NOT over, Lady Vayle! I will have my REVENGE for this Disgrace! one day or another, you will PAY for sullying the Name of LORD AUBERT BASILE, GOD OF TAILORS AND PROUD DESIGNER OF THE REPUBLIC!
Kona: Oh, actually call yourself a GOD?! You remind me of someone I know back home...He's just as much of a fool as you are!
Aubert: And the Same goes for YOU, Dragon Boy! Remember my Name, and How it will one day return to HAUNT you while you are Banging rocks together or rolling around in your own FECES!
Kona: I'll keep it in mind if I ever need a Humorous Dream to help me sleep at night...*Smirk*
Emperor Friedrich: Hehehe...Well Said...Escort Lord Basile out of the Capital! *Waves hand, shooing Aubert away*
Xaldin: And thank you both for your Help! Had you two not stepped in, this would've no doubt been a dark day for the Empire...
Emperor Friedrich: Yes...our people are lucky to have Heroes like you living with them...If there is anything you desire, say it! I'll try and Make it so!
Vayle: I Thank you for your Kindness, Your Majesty...But just knowing that Fool Aubert is Seeing Justice and Lord Severus didn't get his way is enough reward for me...*Curtsy* I was proud to foil to plans before they took effect!
Emperor Friedrich: Yeah...Had he Succeeded, I fear for what he would've done to Speranza...But We don't have to worry about that now!
Kona: Indeed! *Bows to the Emperor with Vayle* I may not be from this Kingdom, but I will gladly help defend it in any way I Can, Your Majesty!
Emperor Friedrich: Hm...*Nods* Thank you...Both of you...
*Lady Vayle and Kona, begin taking there Leave*
Emperor Friedrich: Oh! And Kona?
Kona: *Turns to him* Hm?
Emperor Friedrich: Lady Vayle Informed me of Wyrmfire Island's Situation...While I cannot Directly get involved with Despoire Forces...I can at least send a few Soldiers to Help Defend it, if your tribe will allow it...
Kona: *!* R-Really? But what about the Soldiers? Surely they would be furious seeing Speranza Soldiers on the Island...
Emperor Friedrich: As I Recall, Wyrmfire Island is Independent...And as far as my troops would be concerned, they'd be on Vacation...*Smile* The Wyrmkin are Proud and Powerful Warriors...They shouldn't be taken from there Homeland and Be made Slaves of the Republic.
Kona: Your Majesty...Lady Vayle...*a Smile appears on his Face as a tears come down from his eyes*...*Whipes them away* Thank you! I Know my Brothers and Sisters will GREATLY appreciate it! We need all the Help we can get at this Point!
Emperor Friedrich: *Nods* I'll do whatever I Can to Help...
Vayle: Well...This was all good Fun...But We should Probably head back to the Party and see what's left...
*Back to the Ballroom*
Vayle: *Sigh*...Look at this Mess...Such Chaos for an excellent Party!
Kona: *?* What are you guys still doing here?
Noblegirl1: Well, we couldn't just leave with everything destroyed, so we're trying to help if we can.
Nobleman: The Nerve of that Basile Guy...Thankfully, Nobody was Killed, but his Models were greatly Injured by the Stampede...hopefully they'll make a full recovery.
Vayle: What a Horrible way it would've been to go...Stampeded by Nobles Corrupted by Greed who just want to look like a walking Pastry...*Shaking Head* They wouldn't have reacted as such if he didn't put those Curses on his Clothing...Which Reminds me! Did the Circle come and Remove those Seals?
Noblegirl2: Yes! a Couple of Mages came in and Removed them...
Vayle: Good, Now all that Remains is to Burn those Hideous Things...
Kona: I'd say just throw them in a Dumpster or something, Miss Vayle! I don't think it'd be worth it...
Vayle: Hmmmm...I Suppose you're right, Kona! He's already destroyed them enough as is!
Kona: Exactly!
Vayle And Kona: *???*
Nobleman: THERE'S A ZOMBIE IN THE CASTLE!!!*Running off the Stage!*
Raziel: *walks in from behind the Stage* Yeah! And there's a Stuffed shirt in a Purple Suit Screaming in the Ballroom...
Vayle: *!* So THERE you are, Raziel! Where have you been?! The Emperor was almost killed because of a group of Despoire assassins!
Raziel: *!* He was? Crap...I was down at the Pier Having a Drink at the Local Tavern...My bad...
Kona: It's Fine, sir Raziel! The Assassin's have been dealt with and the Emperor is Safe! All that's left is to clean up the Mess...
Raziel: Hope No one plans on pushing that off on me...
Noblegirl2: A Wyrmkin AND a Zombie...You have quite the group of Friends, Lady Vayle...
Vayle: hahaha! What can I Say? I'm no Stranger to Diversity!
Kona:   Though I can't help but be sad...the party was going so well...The food was good, and the Band's music was interesting...but I Still don't know what exactly a "Waltz" is...I know it's form of Dance, but how does one do so?
Vayle: Didn't you see those people dancing in the Middle? That's what Waltzing is...
Kona: Ooooh...I Thought they were Simply Hugging and Spinning...If that's what it is, I wouldn't mind learning how...
Noblegirl1: Well, if you'd*Red Face*I Could teach you if you'd want...
Noblegirl2: Oh My...Hmhmhmhmhm...
Raziel: Uuugh...*Rolls eyes*...Kids...
Kona: *!* Oh! Really?! That'd be great! I'd love to learn a Dance from the Mainland!
* With a Bow and a Curtsy, The Red-Haired Noble starts to Teach Kona how to Waltz...*
Nobleman: Heh...I suppose the Show must go on, Regardless of the events that conspired...Shall We, Madam?
Noblegirl2: Hah...Very Well, Good Sir! *Takes his Hand, joining in with her Friend*
Vayle: Aaaaah, Young Love...I may be a few years older, but I find it rather Romantic how the younger ones can always turn things around and make there evenings fun...
Raziel: No, Yeah, That's Cool! Go ahead and do your Little Slow Dance! Let the Adults clean up the Mess...*Sigh*...I knew I shoulda stayed at the Bar...
Vayle: Oh, let them have there Moment...I'm just glad to see Kona wanting to try different things...
Raziel: Hm...I honestly Expected you to be Disgusted and Germaphobic around the Kid when he joined us...Yet, you're always so friendly to him.
Vayle: You'd think that with me being a Noble, wouldn't you? But Kona is a Kind Young-man...He's always such a Gentleman and Always wanting to Help those in need! He's Kind of like that Little Brother I never Had...
Raziel: Kinda like how you and Aki Think of Fiona as your Sister, right? Just another one to add to the Family...
Vayle: yes...I Suppose that'd be the Best way to put it...another Member Welcomed into our Little Family.
Raziel: Our Dysfunctional, Crazy, Somewhat Perverted Family...
*The Ballroom's lights shimmering through the Room, Kona and other Young Nobles Waltzing under the White Checkered Floor, Raziel , Vayle, and a couple of Soldiers doing what they can to clean up the mess caused by Despoire*
Vayle: Hm...Raziel, Where DID Akimoto Say he was Going?
Raziel: Something about a Pyramid in Lebenia and Treasure...I Dunno...I'm sure he'll be aright! Old Man Bellator's With him, so He'll no doubt come back just fine...
Vayle: And they didn't think to Invite us?! How Rude!
Raziel: He Actually Invited me, But I Refused...Zombie, Desert, Sunlight...Not a Good Combo...
Vayle: What a Shame...Well, There's always next time, I suppose. For now, let's just clean up and Enjoy the Rest of the Evening, Shall We?
Raziel: Whatever....



Bryan K.
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My name is Bryan. I am a 20 year old Male, I like to Play Video Games and draw with a mouse or a pencil and Paper, I am also currently a single man.

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Personal Quote: "Everyone and everything has a story...They just have make it happen!"

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