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Well, It's now November, and I Once again forget to finish a Solo RP Story...Screw it! I'm just gonna say what would have Happened next now!

-Wu Escapes on there Boat, many member of there Kingdom Eaten by Undead Shu Forces in the Process, Cao Cao almost makes it onto there Boat, but is Glomped by a Zombie Dong Zhuo along with several other members of Dong Zhuo's Forces. Sima Yi, Lu Bu, and Sun Jian watch from there Boats as the Undead start to clear and sigh in Relief of there Survival...Lu Bu Clacking Beers with Zhang Liao and Chen Gong, Sun Jian Hugging his Kids and Mourning there fallen, and Sima Yi dancing and Laughing Happily!

-It then cuts off to Zhang Chunhua with a Terrified Gan Ji laying on the Ground Berating her with his Opinions of there Senseless killing. She then steps on his...erm...Private Area...And demands he reverse the Curse...he Terrifyingly agree, however, lets her know that he isn't through just yet...he then Vanishes in a Cloud of Purple Flame as the Fog and Atmosphere Begin to clear...Those who were Turned Zombie Returned to normal, Those who were already dead returned to being Lifeless Corpses.

- Jin, Wu, and Lu Bu, Then Return to shore and Watch as the Sun Rises Behind them...and the Other Houses Return to life and think that it was all just a dream...Sima Yi simply Brags in there Faces that he Survived and they all died, does a little dance around Zhuge Liang, then laughs as he snaps his fingers and Taps his Feet back to the armored Truck, singing about how he survived and they didn't...Cao Cao Yells at Zhang Liao, Xiahou Yuan, and Zhang He for Betraying him...but then forgives them and Demands they take him through a drive-through to get the Taste of Human Flesh out of his Mouth. Lu Bu Kicks Dong Zhuo's rotten Corpse into the Water, then Wonders what's on T.V., Returning home with his Family and Friends.

-ALTERNATE ENDING: Cao Cao and Xiahou Dun sit on the Dock as Zombies, Eating what's left of Liu Bei...Talking about how being undead isn't all that bad and Rambling about how maybe killing so many people in Battle is what caused this to happen...Then they Simply Just Laugh, Xiahou Dun asks if Cao Cao's Going to eat Liu Bei's Leg, and then they just sit there Quietly munching on Flesh...In the Background, Cao Ren is still alive and bashing Zombie with his Shield, he then runs away in a Panic as a Zombie Guan Yinping chases after him, roaring with rage.

That's how it woulda gone, but I had a Busy couple of Weeks...Sorry I couldn't finish it! But I Hope you guys had a Good Halloween!

Anyway! I am Currently Working on Reference sheets for the Entire Cast of Akimoto's New Story and then I'll Probably Work on more Project seraph Concepts...and If I Can, I'll do a Thanksgiving feast with ALL OF MY CHARACTERS! Maybe...Hopefully! I dunno, It'll depend on my Schedule! But for now, I'll keep working on these Reference sheets and post whatever I can!

That is all!


Bryan K.
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United States
My name is Bryan. I am a 20 year old Male, I like to Play Video Games and draw with a mouse or a pencil and Paper, I am also currently a single man.

Mah main Buddehz:

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My sister:
check her out sometime, she's a way better artist then me.

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Current Residence: Washington state
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Techno, Game music
Favourite photographer: Frank West
Favourite style of art: Not too cartoony, not too anime-ish...
Operating System: Laptop computer
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Ed from Ed,Edd,And Eddy
Personal Quote: "Everyone and everything has a story...They just have make it happen!"

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