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The 4th installment of the Infernus Party Vacation!

Things are Heating up between the Infernus Clan and the Republic's Head Family. With Severus Getting Hostile, Kona's Anger Toward the Chancellor, and Fiona's Unexpectedly growing friendship with Silica, Who knows what will happen Next! LET'S FIND OUT!

*On the Beach, Krystal ad Vent go Surfing, While Fiona is Given a Flower Necklace by a Tribal!*
Female Tribal: And that's how we make our Necklace's! Nothing to it! *Places it around her Neck!* They're usually worn for Ceremonial Occasions, but Also bestow them as Gifts to Visitors!
Fiona: Well Thank You! It's really pretty!
Severus: Careful, White Witch...I hear being given a Flower Necklace marks you to be a Sacrifice to there Volcano Deity!
Female Tribal: WHAT?! That's not true at all! We only Sacrifice our Game into the Volcano! Never any Humanoids!
Severus: Regardless! You STILL throw beasts into a Volcano...Honestly! You think that Grants you some Kind of Blessing from a made up Goddess? Ha! You are Only Disturbing its Magma Pressure with the Charred Remains of you Hunted Animals!
Fiona: It is an Offering to there Goddess of Fire to grant peace to there People! Stop trying to put Science into there Religion! I Think it's a Beautiful Thing!
Severus: By God, You're Pathetically Idealistic... To think I tried to Marry you...
Fiona: I Already SLAPPED you at the Altar, Severus! I Won't Hesitate to Use MAGIC on you This time!
Arcana: ( DO IT! Make him Suffer! I'd Recommend the Incineration Spell!)
Severus: *Glare!* You would DARE threaten me, DEMON?! As I Recall, your Innocent Demeter hides the MONSTER WITHIN! *Stares down at her shackles!* Perhaps I should Remove those petty shackles and show These Savages what You REALLY a-*Picked up!* GaaaAAAGH! W-What in Blazes?! UNHAND ME!!!
Raziel: *Makes Severus Face him!* Threaten the Kid Again...And I'LL throw you into the volcano Myself! *Throws him with Great Strength!*
Severus: *!!!* AaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-*Goes Flying toward the Ocean!*
vent: *Wobbling on Surfboard out on the Water, caught on a wave*...Woah...Wooooah God...
Krystal: YOU GOTTA KEEP YOUR BALANCE, VENT! *Does a flip off the top of the wave!*
Vent: Er...R-Right! Yeah! I know that!...Eeesh....*Starts to stand, balancing himself on the Board!*...*!!!*...Ha...HAHAHA! Oh Man! I'm doing it! Yeah! I'm a SURFING KING! *!* What the Hell? Is that a Bird?!
*the Silhouette gets larger, revealing itself to Be Severus heading right toward him!*
Severus: -aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!
Vent: OooooOOOH CRA-!!!
*Collides with Vent as Both Go Tumbling into the Ocean, consumed by the Large Wave as it Crashes onto the Shore!*
Krystal: *Jumps off, Landing the Board into the Sand as she looks out to the Water!* Oh Crap! VENT! YOU ALRIGHT?!
*The Waves come crashing onto the Shore...Washing Both Severus AND Vent onto the Shore*
Vent: Uuuuugh....
Raziel: Oh Look! Beached Losers!...You Still Alive, Vent? I'm not Worried about Sev-*!!!* OH GOD! That...I Did NOT need to see that! *Covering Eyes!*
Severus: What?! *Getting up!*
Damien: *Raises eyebrow, Lowering Book!*...Hm?*!!!* AGH! *Face back in Book!* Dammit, Severus...
Vent: *!!!* pfffffft....Hahahah...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! NICE ASS, MORON!
Severus: WHAT ARE YO-*!!!* *Looks down, Realizing his Swim Shorts are Gone!*....OH GOD! MY SHORTS!!!
*Various Wyrmkin begin to Laugh, Pointing his Direction!*
Sirius: Haha...MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Serves you right, Brother!
Damien: *Face covered by Book!* Sirius, PLEASE just find his Trunks! *Trying not to Laugh from Behind the Book!*
Fiona: *Covering Eyes!* If that isn't Justice, I Don't know what is!
Orca: No! No! Let us Handle this, Ladies! We can't very well have our Guest indecent!
Azula: *!* Orca, I don't know what you're planning, but Remember your Promise to the Elder! Do NOT-
Orca: Relax, Zu! I'm just gonna give him a Change of Clothes...You Know, help him Fit in! *Wink!*
Azula: *raises Brows!* *Sigh*....*Shakes head with a smile!* Very Well...Proceed!
Severus: *Hiding behind a Dragon Carving!* Clothing?! FROM YOU SAVAGES?! Ha! I'd rather just be in my BIRTHDAY SUIT then receive clothes from you! What do you POSSIBLY have in mind?!
Orca: Only the Latest in Tribal Fashion, My Lord! *Smirk!* *CLAP!**CLAP!* OH, GIIIIRLS!!!
*The Tribe's Hula Dancers Dawned in full Decoration and Dragon Bones comes out, With Cynical expressions on there Faces!*
Vent: *!* Oh! HELL YEAH! The Entertainment's Here!
Raziel: *Smirk!* Oh, It's gonna be Entertainment alright!
Krystal: Still too early, Vent! They're just here for fun right now...
Vent: ...Aw, Man...
Severus: W...What are you all doing? Why are you starring at me like that?
Orca: Our Guest, Lord Severus, Is a little Indecent right now! I think it's time we give him a Little Gift as a welcome to our Island...*Smile!*
*The Girls start to Laugh and Giggle to one another as they grab Severus!*
Severus: W-...What are you Doing?! Let go! STOP!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
*They Take him into there Hut as Orca places a Cloth over the Doorway!*
Fiona: What are they doing to him...?
Damien: *Lowers Book!* Hopefully teaching him a Lesson...
Orca: *Snickering!* *Knocks on Hut!* Well?! is he Ready?!
Female Dancer: Most Certainly, Chief!
Orca: Alright! Lord Severus of Despoire has been PROPERLY Clothed, Everyone! Bring him out!*
*The Girls laugh as they bring him out!*
Severus: *Eye Twitching, as he is Donned in full Hula Attire, complete with Coconut Bra!*...What happened? What did they do to m-...*!!!*...Ah!...AAAAH!!!
Fiona: Hahahahahahaha! Wow! Who knew Severus looked so good in Dancer Clothing?!
Krystal: Eeeeeh, I Dunno! The Grass Skirt Kinda Makes his Butt Look Big, and Pink is SO not his Color...
Orca: Doesn't he just Look TROPICAL?! Hahahaha!
Azula: *Sigh* Oh, Orca...
Damien: *Smirks!*...
Sirius: HA! Seems our Brother has Embraced
Orca: No We're not! We're just pranking you, kid! Don't you got PRANKS on the Mainland?!
Severus: YOU FILTHY SAVAGES! *Rips off the Flowers, Throwing Aside the Coconut Bra, but keeping the Grass skirt for SOME Decency!* I WILL NOT BE YOUR SACRIFICE! CHOOSE ONE OF THEM! NOT ME!!! *Kicks off the Flower Anklets!* You'll pay for this! ALL OF YOU! *Storms off, Looking for his Swimshorts!* Where are my Shorts...?
Orca: Pfffft....SHEESH! Lighten up! That was Funny! Come on!
Male Tribal: Haha! Yeah! It WAS pretty funny! Good one, Chief! *High Fives him!*
Female Dancer: Alright! We had our fun, Girls! Back to Practice!
Krystal: WAIT! Um...Can I...Can I Join your Practice?
Female Dancer: ...*Smile!* Yeah! Okay!
Krystal: YES! Training...*Walking off with them!* SEE YOU LATER, GUYS!
Raziel: *Waves!* Have Fun! *Phew*...You Alright, Kid?
Fiona: yeah, I'm Okay! I wasn't going to let him touch my Shackles...if he HAD Laid a FINGER on them, I WOULD be blasting him with magic right now!
Raziel: I Don't think The Chancellor would Like that very much...
Damien: Ha! I would've considered it a fireworks Display...*Turns Page!*
Sirius: We probably SHOULD find his Shorts...Where ARE they?
Silica: ...*Already Found them, but Instead of returning them, Decides to bury them in the Remains of her Sandcastle!*...Hehehehe...
*Meanwhile, along the Volcano path!*
Akimoto: *!* *Smiles!* Ha! Check THAT out Rip-Tooth! *Points!*
*Two Dragons Lay along the Smoking Dirt and Ash wastes that surround the Volcano*
Rip-Tooth: *!*...Grrrr...ROOF! *About to Charge at them, but is Grabbed by the Color!* *WHINE!*
Akimoto: RIP-TOOTH, NO! *Pulls hims to his Side!* Do NOT...ATTACK...THE DRAGONS! They're REALLY serious about that around here! The ones back home, you can attack! But NOT the ones on the Island! They're kinda worshiped Around here...
Rip-Tooth: *Grunts, then Snorts of Disapproval!*
Akimoto: Yeah, I know you like Dragon Bones, Boy! But we gotta Respect this Island's Accustoms...Don't wanna get dunked in the Volcano, do you?
Rip-Tooth: *!!!* *Eyes Widen as he lets out a high Pitched Bark!*
Akimoto: Yeah, Didn't think so! So leave em alone! I'll get you a Dragon Bone when we get back, okay?...*!* Wait, why is that one getting on top of that other o-*!!!*...OKAY! MOVING ON! LET'S GO! It's CLEARLY Dragon mating season! Ooooh Boy!
Rip-Tooth: *Follows Aki, Eyebrows Raised in Confusion at the Dragons!*
*They Continue up the trail, Reaching the Top of the Volcano!*
Akimoto: I See they've put up Totems around the Volcano's Rim...*Wiping Sweat off Head!* *Phew!*...It's hot up here...
Rip-Tooth: *Panting Loudly, Licking Chops!*
Akimoto: Ahahahaha! HERE we go! Now THIS is a View! *The Entire Island can be seen from atop the Volcano* Look! There's the Village! There's where Pyron and his Losers are! I NEVER get tired of this View!
Rip-Tooth: *Sitting Next to Aki as he Pants Loudly!*...
Akimoto: You know, No ones really taken the time to EXPLORE this Island...I Mean, we should Probably NOT touch the Artifacts and Treasure...But I am a little curious of what the Ruins around here are like...Maybe we can get the others and Explore a little while we're here!
Rip-Tooth: *Pants, Tail Wagging!* ROOF!
Akimoto: *phew*...Yeah...Alright! It's getting hot up Here! Let's head back to the Village! *Starts Walking down the Path, Rip-Tooth Following!*
*Back on the Beach!*
Silica: *looking out at the Ocean, holding a Stuffed Rabbit*...
Fiona: ...*Phew*...Alright...Just be Nice...She doesn't seem ALL that bad...
Arcana: (Hmmm...I Dunno...She looks dangerous...)
Fiona: ...*Smacks Head Lightly!*...*Walks over to her!*...Um...HEY, Silica....
Silica: *!*...Fiona...Hi...
Fiona: You...Uh...You brought your Stuffed animal? It's...Very Cute...
Silica: Thank You...It was the Last thing Mother Gave to me before she died...*Hugs it tightly!* Father was so Devastated when she Passed away... I keep this Stuffed animal Close to me to Remember her By...Reminding me to take care of my Father...*Glares up at the Sky!* Even if I must Kill others to do it...
Fiona: Silica...That's such a Heavy Burden...
Silica: I am the Only one who Can...But there's one who aims to ruin what Father worked hard for...
Fiona: Are you...Are you talking about Akimoto?
Silica: Mm-Mmm...My BROTHER...Severus...
Fiona: *!* Severus? You...You want to Kill your own Brother? I mean, I know he's bad, but...
Silica: He wants Father and Sirius Dead! And I have no idea what he wishes to do to me...But I MUST not let him Restore Grandfather's legacy...He must Be Stopped...Killed...Executed!...*Hug Rabbit Tighter, a Tear Running down her Cheek!*
Fiona: S-...Silica...Are you Crying? Please don't cry! It'll be Okay! *Hand on Shoulder!* If it makes you feel better, I won't let him hurt your Father ether!
Silica: *Whipes away Tear*...*Looks up at Fiona*...You Won't?
Fiona: No Way! He's a Jerk! He shouldn't be trying to hurt his own family! And if you ever need someone to talk to...You just let me know, Okay?
Silica: ...Really?
Fiona: Yeah! Of Course! What...Uuuh...What are Friends for?
Silica: *!*...*Eyes Widen at Fiona*...F...Friend?...I'm...I'm Your Friend?
Arcana: (Say No, Fiona! This Little one Wreaks of Malicious Thoughts...)
Fiona: ...U-Uh...YEAH! Yeah! Of course!
Arcana: (Dammit, Girl!)
Fiona: Uuumm...Right! Well! I gotta go meet with the Others...I hear there's a Ceremony going on Tonight! So...Uh...See You Later! *Runs back to the Village!*
Silica: ....*Smiles*....Friend...

To be Continued in Part 5!


Bryan K.
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