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Highschool Days by Firewarrior117 Highschool Days by Firewarrior117
A picture of Aki, Vent, And Raz during there time as Rebellious Pranksters of Evil Academy. This is when they were part of the rock and roll club and had a hard rock band with there teacher, Eddy Van Hellhound. The band was called called "Hell's Watchdogs", a hard rock band that only lasted for a few concerts, then there teacher was killed by king krichevskoy in an attempt to keep his son from listening to "Bad Music".

But during there High school days, they all had there own thing:

-Aki was the Brains behind every prank and plan they made, being the son of a war general, Aki knew strategy like the back of his hand. He loved to pull pranks on the delinquents and pick fights with the other students. He was the Bassist for Hell's Watchdogs. Of course, Aki didn't know he'd grow up to be a commander of 100 of the Best soldiers in the Netherworld.

-Vent, Heir to the title of "Overlord of the abyss", a calm and Relaxed student, but don't let your guard down, he's really good at making others look like idiots, and will find ways to takes things from other students and blame it on another. He was the trickster of the group. taking stuff that didn't belong to him and embarrassing other students with any trick he can use. He was the guitarist for Hell's watchdogs. Vent had become the overlord 0f the abyss from his time at the academy, only to be thwarted by a hero and his friends...At least that's the official story...Vent now works as a custodian in Hades Prison. Serving Valvatorez to atone for his crimes, Though he skips out on it a lot.

-Raziel, Back when he was alive and not a Zombie. Raz was the oldest of the group, and was always looking out for Vent and Aki when they got themselves into trouble, which they did frequently. Raz was the rebellious soul who fought every student on campus to be at the top of the game, along with keeping the highest grades in his class. Raz was the drummer of Hell's watchdogs, After Eddy's death, Raz finished his time at the academy and pursued the career of a Mercenary, only to be killed by horde of Zombies and Becoming one of them. Raz now spends most of his days Free-loading in Aki's tower and trying to convince others to join the ranks of the dead as a little joke.

Out of the three of em, Aki seems to be in the best shape of all of em, Vent's a Janitor, Raz is a dead-beat Zombie, and Aki's the commander of a Private army and instructor for a powerful young witch. So yeah, the others have it rough, and Aki got the long end of the stick.

No one knows what happened to Eddy after his death, though some say they see a prinny with Similar features to Eddy.

Anyway, This is them back in high school...they looked a lot different then...and had longer hair...


All Characters/Evil Academy/Disgaea/NIS America.
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