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Morning Coffee by Firewarrior117 Morning Coffee by Firewarrior117
Ah yes, a Typical Morning in a coffee shop In the Netherworld.
Almaz gets his morning coffee and relaxes until Mao makes him do stuff, Mao does some crazy morning experiment and Beryl yells at him for it. Yep, gotta love mornings.

....Don't ask why Adell is working in a coffee shop, I was thinking of who would be behind the counter, Adell was the first thing that came to my mind, I'm sure coffee shops just aren't his style.

Now for dialogue:
:iconalmazsadplz:...One tall coffee with cream please....
:iconadellplz: Yeah alright.....*Makes coffee* Here you go.....
:iconalmazsadplz:*drinks coffee*:iconalmazupsetplz: Hopefully this will wake me up enough to deal with mao's experiments...
:iconmaowutplz: your gonna need a lot of coffee if you want that to happen, fake hero.
:iconalmazsadplz: oh hey ma-:iconalmazshockedplz: W-WHAT TH-?!....Mao...WHY are you wearing a Grass skirt?
:iconmaocontentplz: I recently saw videos of these dancers in the human world called "Hula dancers*... It amazed me how there skirts had a mind of there own and danced with them.:iconmaowutplz: so I am experimenting how exactly you get this "Grass skirt" to move on it's own....*tries random dance*...:iconmaocontentplz:...Damn.....*tries disco*:iconangrymaoplz::.....Damn....*tries another random dance*: Grrrr....:iconmaofreakedoutplz: WHY ISN'T THIS DAMN THING WORKING?!!
*Beryl walks in and immediately notices Mao*:iconberylangryplz: MAO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!
:iconangrymaoplz: None of your business Beryl!
:iconberylsmirkplz: it looks like your wearing a Grass skirt in a coffee shop.
:iconmaowutplz: wow, how long did it take you to figure THAT out.? Now if you'll excuse me I'm trying to get this thing to dance on it's own.
:iconberylplz: you know, I can teach you if you want me to.
:iconangrymaoplz: SHUT UP! I don't need your help Beryl!
:iconberyllaughplz: are you sure? I know a class you can go to where you can discover it's "secrets".
:iconmaofreakedoutplz: I SAID SHUT UP, BERYL!
:iconalmazsadplz:...Just ignore them.....Enjoy your coffee.....*drinks*.....
*Adell watching them with a bored expression*
:iconadellplz:....*sigh* did I get this job again...?

...yep, you gotta love mornings...


Almaz/Mao/Beryl/Adell/Disgaea/NIS America.
Housho Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Adell is unamused.
ArchanPuyo Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If only my mornings were like that... and I could have of used some of that DarkHero Bucks this morning *slept past alarm*

Adell probably got the job because... if I recall in the D3 DLC, Adell mentioned searching for jobs, but a lot just didn't work for him.... This was a start.
FPSLink55 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would work at a coffee shop. c:
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April 14, 2011
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