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Tearing Steelport a new one by Firewarrior117 Tearing Steelport a new one by Firewarrior117
This is Frost...the Leader of the Third Street Saints...He Doesn't give a shit what you think...he does what he wants, when he wants, and in the way he sees fit.

Many people think to themselves "No one man should have all that power"...but yet he does. Two Smg's in hand, an ass-load of grenades and a bottomless clip, and steelport is already his... Don't even TRY to mess with this'll ether end up dead...or punched in the face. He used to say a lot of Spanish one liners back in stillwater...but he's moved to just punching people for no reason. Every gang in the world wants to be him, but not even the syndicate could kick him off his no matter what you do...If you mess with a Saint...Frost is Coming for you...Unless you messed with pierce...then he's okay with that. Sure he may kill people for no reason, sure he seems like a douche...But deep down, he is a good man...and he's not letting anyone else die...he looks after his crew...Even with all his needless killing...he doesn't kill outta hatred...he kills outta love...and loving is what he's Remember that!

Oh god...He just blew up a Luchadore's car...

I drew this during My Saints Row the Third Kick, I just never got around to posting it, so here you go.

All I gotta say is, I have never liked Sandbox gangster games...but after playing saints Row...I was hooked, man. The insanity, The Characters, the Open world, It's so much fun! I can't help but play more! But later...for now, I am playing Borderlands 2.

Okay! Enjoy! This is my Saint, please be destroyed by him...or Punched...whichever you prefer.

I also Experimented with shading for this picture...could be better...but it ain't bad...

Saints Row/THQ/Violation inc.
Dell-AD-productions Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
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September 27, 2012
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