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The Centurion's Comrades by Firewarrior117 The Centurion's Comrades by Firewarrior117
My Name is Demonlord Akimoto...I am the Son of the most powerful War general in all The Netherworld...My Father, General Ensis Infernus , lead an army of 100 of the Netherworld's greatest soldiers, the Netherworld Centurions. He Lead that Army with an Iron Fist, and Destroyed everything in his path...until he was defeated by a "God amoung Overlords". The Centurions were thought to be gone, and then I showed up...With My Fathers sword in Hand, and an army of 100 at my disposal...I WILL carry on my father's legacy, and show the Netherworld what a True Army least that's what I used to think...

Yeah, Akimoto's Intentions kinda changed after Almaz defeated him with a Whine-Glass, but he's slowly coming back to his senses.

Here Stands the Allies and Vassals of the Netherworld Centurions, each with a Profile and a Note of Said-Ally or Vassal and his thoughts on them.


Name: Demonlord Akimoto Infernus/Aki.
(The One with the Sword and Red Head Band)
Race: Demon
Title: DemonLord/History Teacher/ Commander
Friends: Fiona(Loves her like a little sister), Eddy (His Teacher), Vayle (Ex-Girlfriend/Future Wife).
Rivals: Almaz, Beryl,Mao, Laharl, Krystal,Vent, Adell, Axel, Tauntus, Archi, Celeste, Travis and the Rebels, Etna.
Weapon Forte: Swords, Fists, Spears.
Aki's Note: What Else is there to say? Feared by Man, Loved by women...Hehehe...
Bio: The Son of General Demonlord Ensis Infernus. Akimoto is a Cocky, Uncooth, and a plain jerk to anyone he talks with. Aki used to have an over-sized Ego, thinking he could take on anyone, until he was defeated by a Hero Named Almaz after tripping on a whine-glass. He was sparred by the Hero, on the condition that he assisted him on his journey, Aki accepted. As he Traveled with Almaz, he came to a realization that he is not as strong as he thought, and Felt he let his father down. But then he was Visited by his Grandfather, Who took him to an old room in Centurion's tower that was previously locked, where he stumbled into a room to find a blood-stained Crib and a Sword laying next to it, with the Sword, A Note from his father. After Reading it, He promised to Restore the Centurions to it's Former Glory and Earn enough HL to Create the Greatest Force in the Netherworld. Akimoto has so far become respect among some Soldiers of his Army, but has lost a lot along the way as well...He is starting to think perhaps rather then Restoring the Centurions, He'd Take up the Infernus Family Name and Forge an army of his Own. His Grandpa actually approves of this, but he won't admit it out loud. Aki used to be part of a Hard Rock Band in High-school Called"The Hell's Watchdogs", but I'll get to that in a sec. Akimoto is a well-trained warrior, He's Good with Spears and Fists, but he excels Best with a Sword. Offense, Offense, and MORE Offense! He attacks anyone with heavy Attacks and Brute force! His Evility is called "Swordsman's Soul", Which gives him +20% Critical hit chance when wielding a sword.


-Sword Breaker-
Doesn't just Cut Swords!
(Attacks three enemies in front of Akimoto)

-100 Blades-
Over 100 different Swords stabbed into your body.Ouch.
(Attacks one Enemy in Aki's Move Range)

-Crimson Storm-
-Akimoto's Ultimate move-
Behold! the True Power of The Infernus Family!
(Able to attack 5 enemies in a Plus Shape within Akimoto's Move Range)

Blade Skills: Blade Rush, Hurricane Slash, X Level Flurry, Slayer's Descent, infinite Graves, Mach + Slice, Moon Slash, Dark X Slash.
Fist Skills: Triple Strike, Phantom Fists, Blazing Palm.
Spear Skills: Impaler Drop, Pole Charge, Piercing Spears.
Fire Magic: Fire, Mega Fire.

Name: Fiona The White Witch
(The demon Girl in the Witch Outfit)
Age: 12 (Or 1200...I Don't really know how Netherworld Age Works...)
Race: Demon
Title: White Witch
Friends: Aki, Fuyoko, Yuyoko, Eddy, Almaz, Beryl, Krystal, Travis and the Rebels, Marona, Ash, Adon, Tauntus, Archimedes, Vayle.
Rivals: Anyone who hurts her Friends!
Weapon Forte: Staffs.
Aki's Note: Fiona...Love her to death...she's like the Little Sister I never had...I'm gonna make a Demon out of her yet!
Bio: Fiona the White witch, Akimoto's Apprentice and Pariah to the Demons of the Netherworld. Fiona has Grown up Feared and Hated by Demons and Overlords. They she is a Monster, a Fiend, a Harbinger of Destruction, and other mean things. But in truth, she is one of the Sweetest, Caring, and Gifted Little Girls you will ever meet in the Netherworld. Fiona has always grown up to be Kind and Positive, no matter the cost. Fiona is a powerful mage, but has an uncontrollable being of mana energy named Arcana, a Former Mage who was friends with her Parents until her Research got the best of her. Arcana takes over her body when left unrestrained, so to prevent that, she Wears Power-Restraint Shackles, so she can keep in control of her Body and Make Friends, Though Arcana talks to her in her head sometimes. But of Course, if the Shackles are taken off, it is said a single Netherworld is destroyed in Seconds...but that is just a hoax! It's really just uncontrollable bursts of Mana. Fiona is Very polite and is always being friendly to everyone, she'll even greet Overlords and Highly honored Demons with a Curtsy every now and then. She is a well-gifted mage who fights mainly with a staff and Knows all forms of Star-magic, Wind Magic, and Healing Magic, and is ready to support anyone in need. She has the Evility "Cosmic Glow", Which Increases the Stats of Adjacent units by 10%.


-Stardust Flare-
The power of the Stars in one blast.
(attacks one enemy in Fiona's Move radius.)

-Shooting stars-
Close your eyes and Make a wish!
(Attacks three enemies one square away from Fiona)

-Cosmic Spark-! Your just a little Girl!
(Attacks six enemies in Fiona's cross shaped Target radius.)

-Shackle Release-
ONLY USED AS A LAST RESORT. Fiona releases her shackles and Lets Arcana have a Bit of the Action!

-Star Magic: Star, Mega Star, Giga Star, Omega Star, Terra Star.
-Healing Magic: Heal, Mega Heal, Giga Heal, Omega Heal, Terra Heal.

Name: Overlord Venitas "Vent" Nocturne
(The one on the far left with the Purple eyes)
Age: 1850
Race: Half-Demon, Half-Monster.
Title: Overlord/ Mid-Boss 2/Former Overlord
Friends: Eddy, Raziel, Feng.
Rivals: Anyone who isn't himself.
Aki's Note: My Rival Since Highschool, to think he tried to Take over the Universe at one point...oh well, he's okay now, But Something feels...OFF about him lately...
Bio: -SPOILER WARNING- Vent, The Former Overlord of the Abyss. He was once Akimoto's Rival in Highschool, but soon rose up to the ranks of Overlord and attempted to Drown the World in Darkness. Vent was born in a Netherworld of Beauty, Cared for by his Father and Mother...but Something went wrong after his Father took up arms to Slay the Tyrant Overlord of there Home...He defeated him Only to cause him to take his place...The dark Energy corrupting him, he became Kaozz Nocturne, the Overlord of the Abyss. Kaozz's Tyranny knew no limits, Murdering Innocence, Slaying Heroes Sacrificing to add to his power, even so far as to abuse the Child he Cared for...Vent. Kaozz soon corrupted the Netherworld in Darkness...losing Sacrifices, he finally resorted into attempting to Sacrificing Vent...TO Defend her child, his Mother Stepped forward, offering herself as Tribute instead of her Son...Kaozz accepted hesitantly...Vent watching in Horror as his Mother was Killed before him...He Cried...Kaozz staring at him with Disgust as he Returned to his Throne. After the sacrifice, Vent was Treated as a Tool by Kaozz...used for his Dirty Work as the things he Had him do slowly started to break him...Driving his Mind to the Brink of Insanity...Vent then escaped to Evil Academy to Get Away from it all, meeting Akimoto, Raziel, and Vayle and becoming the Drummer of "Hell's Watch-dogs". But Even that couldn't save him from the Grasp of the Abyss...his Father Soon Called him Back...Giving him the Honor of Becoming the Overlord of the Abyss in his Place...or so he said...He only wanted to use vent as a Double to Deceive Heroes and Invading Armies, while Vent was driven to Madness, and Fully believed himself an Overlord...He Simply Stared at his Hands...With a Large Smiling...Chanting to Himself with a Laugh..."I will Crush them all...". After the Invasion of the Abyss Failed, Vent then decided to reconnect with his Firiends, some of them hesitant, while the others welcomed him back, his only drive now was to fulfill his Mother's Final Wish and Live a happy life in the netherworld, Leaving the Abyss Behind and redeeming himself for the things his father forced him to do...or so he Believes...Sometimes the Abyss still calls for him,, even now. Vent is a Cocky and Hot-headed Jerk Like Akimoto, and will take on anyone who isn't him. He gets more chill about it after he is stopped, but still does it every now and then to his friends. Vent is a Monster type and can Magi-change into a Sword that can cut through Solid Shadow. Other then magi-change, He knows several Attacks involving the Darkness. His Evility is called "Soul Drain". Which allows him To Replenish his Health by the Total Damage that is Dealt with a single special attack. This can only be used Once per battle.

-Nightmare crush-
Not even a night light will save you from this.
(Attacks one enemy in Vent's Move range.)

-Black Meteor-
cosmically terrifying darkness.
(Attacks 4 enemies surrounding vent.)

-Pitch black chaos-
how can you fight what you can't see?
(Attacks 9 enemies in front of vent.)

Magichange attacks:

-terrifying slice-
Are you afraid of the dark? Good.
(Attacks one enemy in the user's move radius.)

-Darkness incarnate-
your worst nightmares come to life.
(Attacks 3 enemies in front of the user.)

Name: Eddy Van Hellhound
(The Prinny with the badass hair)
Age: 3278
Race: Prinny
Title: Prinny Leader/Rock legend
Friends: Akimoto, Vent, Raziel.(His Band-mates)
Rivals: Overlords and Tyrants.
Aki's Note: There was no one who could rock out like music Teacher I ever had...
Bio: Back in a small netherworld high school, there once was a band formed by a music teacher with a Goal in mind for him and his three students: Make the Greatest Hard Rock Band in the Netherworld. Thus with his Students, he form "Hell's Watchdogs". The Band was Popular amoung the students. There was the Drummer Raziel, Akimoto, The Bassist, Vent, The Guitarist, and Of course the Teacher himself with the Voice of a rock-and-roll angel, Eddy Van Hell-hound! He made any rock-band bite the dust and gave em a one-way ticket down the Highway to hell with some good old High Voltage Rock and Roll! There was no Band who could compare to him. The Hell's Watchdogs were on the Brink of Being the Most Popular band in the netherworld, Until a day came, where Eddy was Killed by King krichevskoy himself. He claimed there music was "corrupting his Son's Mind" and Stabbed Eddy Right through the chest. Without there Teacher and Singer, they were nothing. So the Watchdog's Split up, going there separate ways. One Becoming a Demonlord, another being an Overlord, and the Other Becoming a Zombie. Then the time came when Eddy returned as the Father Prinny, Giving the Prinnies hope and driving them to work hard and be happy while doing it. Aki didn't realize it was him until he heard his voice. He comes and goes as he pleases, he'll show up at the most dire of moments and provide his words of wisdom, much like a certain Defender of earth. Eddy's shades are like a laser beam, and is used as his main attack as a monster. He also has the Evility called "Revolution!". Which increases his stats by 10% when health falls below 30%.


Through the Fire and Flames! Fight the Power!
(Attacks three enemies in front of Eddy)

-Voice of Revolution-
Time to Shake the Foundations!
(Raises the Attack, Defense, and Resistance of four allies surrounding Eddy)

-The Rockalypse!-
It has come, now bare your soul!
(Attacks 9 enemies in front of Eddy)

Support attacks: Espoir, Shield, Magic Wall, Braveheart, Target locked.

Name: Raziel the Condemned
(The Zombie-looking guy)
Age: 2242
Race: Zombie
Title: Ex-Mercenary/ Counselor/ Undead Drummer.
Friends: Eddy, Akimoto, Vent, Fiona, Vayle, Fuyoko, Yuyoko.
Rivals: Rival Mercs, Laharl, Mao, Valvatorez, Fenrich, Pyron.
Fists- S
Aki's Note: Good old Raz...Good to see even Death couldn't keep him down...even if he IS a Zombie...He's just free-loading in my tower these days, but hey, the more allies I got, the better this place is Defended...and unlike Vent, he's actually PAYING ME to let him stay here...
Bio: Raziel the Condemned, Former Drummer of "Hell's Watchdogs" and Ultimate Zombie Warrior. Raziel was killed by a horde of Zombies on his Travels in the Netherworld, And then he reawakened as one of them. they Taught him the perks of being a zombie and how to maintain his Body without falling apart...well, to the best of there abilities. Raziel has since then walked among the living as the undead, claiming being dead is awesome...But honestly...Raziel HATES being dead. He thinks it's made him weaker, and he isn't as strong as he used to be, Though it HAS given him plenty of perks, He still can't seem to fight the urge to eat meat and Heavily maintain his Body. To Keep himself from falling apart and Rotting like other Zombies, Raz Replaced his Heart with a Pinpoint Barrier, which functions as a Replacement Heart. Not only does it keep raz from Melting and Falling apart all over the Place, but It functions as Body Armor to protect him from getting TOO MUCH damage, It'll even Pump his Dead Blood every now and then like his heart used to do. Now a days, he spends his time, Free-loading in Aki's Tower and Working Part time as Evil Academy's Counselor, helping the students in there time of need. Raziel is a calm and Cool undead who can hold his own in a fight without losing an arm or major organ. Raziel is very good at tricking people and making them fall before him in fear, he learned how to do this from the zombies, and enjoys every moment of it, especially when picking on Aki and Vent. He is mainly a fist-fighter and has the most health of the people here, but the least defense. His Evility is called "Cheating Death!", Which Lets him maintain 1 HP after suffering an Attack that would Kill him.


-Tombstone Drop-
You just Dug your own Grave!
(Attacks one enemy in front of Raziel)

-Condemned hand-
Feel the cold, touch of death!
(Attacks 3 enemies in front of Raziel)

-Rigor Mortis-
Even Death won't save you now!
(Attacks 9 enemies Surrounding Raziel.)

Fist Skills: Triple Strike, Phantom Fists, blazing palm, final arts, splitting shot, Big Bang, Lion's Roar, Rising Dragon.
Wind Magic: Wind, Mega Wind.

Name: Fuyoko and Yuyoko, The Maids of Centurion's Tower.
(The Twin Maids making the Heart with there hands. Yuyoko is the red one, and Fuyoko is the Blue one)
(EDIT: I Changed there eyes to match the Opposite!)
Age: Both 1632
Race: Twin Nekomatas
Title: Maid/ Aki's Vassal
Friends: Akimoto(Master), Fiona(Lady), Eddy, Raziel, Vent, Vayle, Almaz, Beryl.
Rivals: Anyone who harms there Master....and Feng.
Weapon Forte
Fuyoko: Staffs, Guns, Bows.
Yuyoko: Axes, Spears, Fists.
Aki's Note: They're good girls...Very Loyal. They Became my Maids After I Saved em from becoming Slaves in the Black Market...the Bastard Responsible's still running around, but I hope I never find him again...Every time I Think of that guy, I always make a point of giving the girls a small Bonus when I pay em...
Bio: Twin Orphans who were raised in the Slums of the Netherworld. They had to grow up, taking care of eachother and looking out for eachother. They Traveled the Netherworlds, hoping to find something they can do to get away from the Slums, unfortunately, while searching for that new Job, they were Captured by bandits and were held as Prisoners to be Sold as Slaves to the Black Market...In which they would be bought by someone who only wished to abuse them and treat them like Demon garbage. Akimoto, Encountering them while raiding this Camp of Scum, Set them Free, Disgusted by the Fact that they were going to be sold as Slaves. Helping them Escape, he Attacked the Leader of these Slavers, Vengeful Justice with Every Slice he made. unfortunatley, the Slave-master Escaped with a few of his Bandits, Akimoto cursed to himself, hoping to never see his face again. After Escaping the Camp with a cart of Spoils, he encountered the Twins again, Thanking Him for setting them free. They felt they could never repay him for this to make it up to him...they pledged themselves to be Akimoto's Loyal Vassals. Akimoto, Hesitant about letting them be his Servants...Then Decided to accept them as his Servants. Both Girls Donning the Uniforms of Maids, they serve aki with all of there Heart, Cooking, Cleaning, and tending to anything that needs tending to! Fuyoko being the calm and Caring one usually ends up being the mother of Aki and Co, helping them in there time of need, while Yuyoko is the Hot-Blooded upbeat one, confident in her Abilities, she does everything she can to Impress her Friends and Master. Tauntus Claims they are his Girlfriends...they just laugh and go with it. Despite being Nekomata twins, they are diverse in battle styles. Fuyoko is a support unit and knows how to use ranged weapons and Magic, while Yuyoko is all about the offensive and can use Axes, Spears and her fists with ease. Together they work as a team, one supporting, the other fighting. Though both are identical, They have Eye-colors that Match the Other's Colors...Fuyoko has Red Eyes, While Yuyoko has Blue Eyes...Which is actually important to there ultimate attack. They Both Have the Evility "Twin Resonance". This increases there stats by 15% while Both of them are on the Field at once.



Better clean this up!
(Attacks one Enemy three squares away from Fuyoko)

-Burning Ice-
Ice that BURNS?! What is this Madness?!
(Attacks 5 enemies in a plus shaped radius in front of Fuyoko)


Oh my! So much Dust!
(Attacks three enemies in front of Yuyoko)

-Freezing Flames-
Flames that FREEZE?! How is this Possible?!
(Attacks 5 enemies in a plus shaped radius one square in front of Yuyoko)


How may I serve you, master?
(Raises the ATK, DEF, INT, and HIT of an ally for 3 Turns!)

-Twin Judgement-
( a Dual Attack Combing Fuyoko's Burning Ice, and Yuyoko's Freezing Flames!)

Gun Skills: Gunman Spirit, Cocktail Shaker, Armor Piercer, Magical Rain, Megagun Launcher.
Bow Skills: Twirly Attack, Attack Punisher, Skewer Piercer, Psycho Mirage, Illusion Master.
Staff Skills: Espoir, Fire Weapon, Ice Weapon, Wind Weapon.
Fire Magic: Fire, Mega Fire, Giga Fire.

Axe Skills: Big Swing Slicer, Seesaw Axe, Boomerang Axe, World Rounder, Gravitation Flare.
Spear Skills: Impaler Drop, Pole Charge, Piercing Spears, Divine Storm, Golden Slicer.
Fist Skills: Triple Strike, phantom fists, blazing palm, final arts, splitting shot.
Ice Magic: Ice, Mega Ice, Giga Ice.

And there you have it! Akimoto's Crew!
If there are any miss-spellings in this Giant Wall of text, please let me know.

All Characters/Disgaea/Phantom Brave/NIS America.
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jo-jo999freak Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Student Artist
QWQ that is so "AWESOME" dood your Disgaea OC have to be enemy's of my Disgaea OC!!!!!!!!!!!
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Uuumm...That's Okay! They already got a few enemies...-u-
jo-jo999freak Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Student Artist
Firewarrior117 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Look, I Appreciate you wanting to be part of my things, but My Stories can only handle so many characters. I'm sure you have plenty of Interesting ideas, but I don't think I'd be able to Work them into my Ideas! I don't mean to sound harsh, but I Got a good Balance with my Characters and add anything to them would throw off that Balance...
jo-jo999freak Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Student Artist
I understand....thank you...but do you think we can RP of them instead?!?
Firewarrior117 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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This one is my favorite
Dr-Sardonicus Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So Aki sees Archi as a rival? I think this rivalry needs to be settled with a good old-fashioned arm wrestling match! Nothing could go wrong. Right?

Awesome bios, by the way! I'm liking your new guys. :3
Sanguynn Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Demon ages are a bit tricky (with D2 and stuff) but Usually you just multiply the human age by 100.

Aki sees Tauntus as a rival? He's probably going to be totally disappointed, the kid makes a point to be a total pest to people who don't really like him. Adon and Fiona as friends is pretty cute though!

(and since you asked for spelling errors, it's wine, not whine! I really hate being nitpicky, it makes me seem so rude)
Firewarrior117 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
No it's fine! Grammar is a bad habit I got.c:
Akimoto just Doesn't like the Brat, he doesn't consider him a rival or and enemy.
Sanguynn Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Okay! Either way, the second he finds out he's going to cling to poor Aki!
Firewarrior117 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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