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The Iron Wind by Firewarrior117 The Iron Wind by Firewarrior117
Finally! Another Player Spotlight! This time, we proudly honor the PvP Legend, the Chartreuse Brawler, the Raging Gale, the Current Champion of United States PvP, Maxwell Faust! Or as you Know him in Game...RUNEMASTER AHRAH!

User ID: RuneMaster Arhah
Real name: Maxwell "Max" Faust.
Age: 13 (Age Not shown in game Profile)
Birthdate: July 16th, 2015
Game Race: Felonus
Game Class: RuneMaster (Hybrid Class of Brawler and Mage)
Favorite Food: Chinese Foods
Game Level: 64
Bio: Despite Being Unpopular in Real life, Max has made quite the name for himself in the World of Seraphia. In the Game, He is RuneMaster Ahrah, The PvP Champion of the United States Server! Players always gather in the Arena when His Fights are Being Shown, Showing No Mercy to his Opponents and Giving it his all, He always ends every match with a Bang! A Few of his Matches are even used For Seraphia's Adds on T.V. and Public areas. His Father jokes that he Prefers living in Seraphia more then Real life with how much he plays it and how famous he is to the Players. While His Popularity is quite high in the US Servers...In Real Life...He's just a Young Man Home Schooled and Loved by his Family. When he went to Elementary and his first year of Middle School, he was always Teased, Bullied, and Labeled by the other Students. Though his Grades were Excellent, he always got into fights with other students. After years of Bullying, his father Robert finally decided to Homeschool him to save him from Torture, While his Grandfather Taught him Martial Art, so No one ever Picks on him without a Fight! With Homeschooling, Martial Arts Training, and Gaming on Retro Consoles, Max never really has time for Socializing or Friends...As a result, He has kind of a Quiet and Cold Personality when Interacting with others. After Brandon moves in though, he starts to open up more and start socializing when out with others. Though brandon gets on his Nerves, he does care for his Cousin and His Family, and will do whatever it takes to protect them. Max Plays a RuneMaster in Seraphia. A RuneMaster is a Hybrid of the Brawler Class and Mage class, and is a Supportive Offense Type Vocation. With Powerful punches, a High Critical Hit Rate, and a variety of Stat Raising Spell and Element Imbuing spells, Ahrah Fights his way through any enemy with both Cunning and Strength, Sending even the most powerful of Monsters Packing. He has a Hand full of Techniques up his Sleeve in battle, Such As "Magnum Fist", "Iron Gale",  and "Vulcan Wind".

And That concludes the Spotlight for the Seraphia's American Champion. Will He Go Global? or will he continue to hold his Ground in his Home Server? Only time will tell.

That is all!

Project Seraph/ Max / Brandon/ ME.
FieryWarrior46 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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