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The Wandering Knight by Firewarrior117 The Wandering Knight by Firewarrior117
We here at Seraph Games like to take the Time to honor any and all fellow players who prove themselves to be exceptionally Brave Heroes. Thus, we have a Daily Message honoring a Fellow Player of Chronicles of Seraphia. Showing there accomplishments, who they are, and why they fight for Seraphia and it's people. Play your Cards right, and you yourself might end up in the Player Splotlight! Keep Fighting for what you believe in, Players!
                                                -James Elliot Kyros, CEO of Seraph Games.

Here is a Reference of Brandon Faust, A.K.A. Ash Van Squire, The Protagonist Hero of Project Seraph: DEBUG and Everything you need to know about this Hero in the Making.

User ID: Ash Van-Squire
Real name: Brendan Faust
Age: 16
Birthdate: March 17th, 2012
Game Race: Human
Game Class: Knight
Favorite Food: Hamburgers
Game Level: 47
Bio: A Young man in High-school living with his Uncle's family, along with his older sister. After his Father and Mother divorced, his mother died of a great illness, while his father worked for Seraph games and took countless business trips. Sending his son to live with his uncle, and forcing him out of his old home town. Brendan seems to keep a positive attitude and is always looking to prove himself and play hours of spell-sword chronicles. In the game, he is known as "Ash Van Squire, The Wandering Knight". Ever since he was a Boy, Brandon had always Dreamed of being a hero like in Fairy tales and Fantasy Books. Though he wanted it very much, He was always looked down for it, and was bullied and Jeered Through Elementary and Middle School. That was While his Mother was still with him...and she always comforted him when things got bad. After she Died, Brandon looked to his Older Sister Katt for Guidance. She stuck with him when his Father Wouldn't, and because of it, Brandon made a Promise to keep following his Dream, Don't let what others say stop him from Being who he is, as Brandon Faust, AND Ash Van-Squire. Despite his Hot-blooded and Cocky Attitude, Ash follows Good Morals and will do anything to protect his Friends, even if it costs him. A Knight is an Advanced Version of Warrior that is preferred by those with a good Alignment. The Class Focuses on Offense and Defense. A Sword for Attacking, and a Shield to Protect those who are close to you! With this Class, Ash is Able to Unleash Various Attacks along with Keeping him Alive when Facing Enemies twice his Size. His Favorite Skills are "Dragon's Bane" and "Skyward Strike".

And there you have it, a Player Spotlight for Seraphia's New Rising Hero. Let us see how far he can go.

Ash/Project Seraph/ME.
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November 9, 2013
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